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Should Peyton Manning Take Isagenix Products?

Peyton Manning was welcomed with a Hero’s Welcome in Indianapolis yesterday.  Difference was that Peyton Manning wasn’t playing for the Colts, he was playing for the Denver Broncos!  Still I think its really awesome that the city he played with for 12 years was so incredibly welcoming to him, even thogh he was on the opposing team.  What a wonderful gesture from the citizens of Indianapolis!

What does Peyton Manning have to do with Isagenix?  At this time, nothing.  Although we are always hopeful that one day Peyton Manning will see what other professional athletes have discovered, that the Isagenix products are an advantage for professional athletes.

There are numerous professional athletes on the Isagenix products.  Peyton Manning is not on this list, but some of the athletes include:



Devin Harris:  Current NBA player for the Utah Jazz.

AC Green:  Retired NBA Player.

DeSagana Diop:  Current NBA player for the Charlotte Bobcats.

Dan Marjerlie:  Former NBA player.


Tony Mandarich:  Former NFL Player.

Ray Lewis:  NFL Football Player.

Joe Andruzzi:  Former NFL Player.

Tracy Porter:  Current NFL cornerback.

Mark Rypien:  Retired NFL Quarterback.


Wallace Spearmon J r:  Olympic Athlete.

Natalie Cook:  Olympic Volleyball Player.

Michelle Despain Hoeger:  Olympic Athlete.

Jana Pittman:  Olympic athlete.


Stipe Miocic:  UFC Fighter.

John DarJean:  Former Yankees Player.

Billy Dib:  IBF Featherweight World Champion.

Paul Anthony:  World Champion Natural Body Builder.


One day we are hoping to have Peyton Manning on this list!

It doesn’t matter whether you are a professional athlete like Peyton Manning, a weekend warrior, or completely out of shape and looking to improve your physical condition. Isagenix has a system that will help you reach your performance and fitness goals and beyond.

For athletes and weekend Warriors, there is the IsaLean Pro protein shakes.  Since the protein comes from undenatured whey, it is much healthier than when from U.S. cows.  The milk is not pasteurized, therefore it still has the enzymes, vitamins and minerals from the original product (the cow’s milk).  Pasteurization, which is used in the United States, destroys many of the nutritional properties.

For those wishing to lose weight, the IsaLean shakes are as good as the IsaLean Pro, just with less calories and a little less protein.

For all people, the Cleanse for Life is a must.  Living in our toxic world, even just breathing brings toxins into the body.  To perform at our best and release unwanted fat, we need to release these toxins.  Cleanse for Life helps your body rid itself of toxins so we can perform at our best.  I personally find this product to be amazing.

If you would like more information about the Isagenix products, contact Juli Anna California at 954-608-9923.  Hey Peyton Manning, are you listening?