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Remembering our Young Soldier who Gave it All

Real spirit of Memorial Day, President Ronald Reagan in 1985 – “It is, in a way, an odd thing to honor those who died in defense of our country, in defense of us, in wars far away. The imagination plays a trick. We see these soldiers in our mind as old and wise. We see […]

Happy Birthday Kimberly California!

  Today is the 22nd birthday of the Amazing Kimberly California! Its been amazing watching you grow up, I love you my baby daughter and am so blessed to be your mom!   Juli Anna California, RN Isagenix Associate Florida  954-608-9923

“Oh I can’t do that”

So often I hear people say “oh I cant do that”.  Its all perspective OF YOURSELF!  Just because you had a failure in the past does not mean you can’t learn to be a success now and in the future.  So many people get to the end of their lives and regret that they didn’t […]

When I was Younger….

When I was younger, I was content to work at a job all week and live for the weekends. If you do the math on that, 5/7ths of my life, 71% of my days, were centered around going to a job and working for someone else, doing what they told me to do. When I […]

Is your 2016 Resolution to Lose Weight? Again?

Isagenix call 954-608-9923. The Number One New Years Resolution every single year is “I’m going to lose weight”. Is this you? Again? Really? I suppose you are going to use the same “method” you failed at last year – “eat healthy and exercise”. This is a new, highly toxic world. Its not so simple anymore. […]

Whole Foods versus Publix. Or Isagenix to Really Save Money.

For Isagenix call 954-608-9923. We call it Whole Paycheck Foods. Once time I literally handed a bunch of grapes back to the cashier and told her I’m NOT paying $15 for that. Its really a joke about how expensive that place is.   But up until the last few years Whole Foods was one of […]

Cuba, Business, Clinton, Castro and South Florida

For Isagenix call 954-608-9923. Cuba looming so closely across the water has always been a factor living in South Florida. When I arrived here in the mid-80’s, the Mariel boatlift was still very fresh. Many Cuban immigrants didn’t speak English. Hopeful talk of returning once again to a free Cuba was common.  Then someday we […]

Ponzi Schemes and Former Pro Players Trend. Isagenix is legitimate

For Isagenix call 954-608-9923. South Florida is known as a haven from fraud, but I find it interesting that there seems to be a string of recent schemes that involve former pro ball players. The latest Ponzi Scheme, which some people mistakenly call a Pyramid Scheme, follows the same basic scam formula. Under the guise […]

Fort Lauderdale citizens protest Uber Ban at Tap 42

For Isagenix call 954-608-9923.   Fort Lauderdale and Broward county residents protest the banning of Uber at Tap 42 tonight, hundreds are expected. “Save Uber” is the cry being heard in Fort Lauderdale on the eve of the last day of Uber service in Broward County. Unlike Miami-Dade county which has a flourishing Uber business and […]

Coffee Shops Fill a Need for Business Professionals

For Isagenix call 954-608-9923.  Coffee shops are the new Office. Business is conducted worldwide at Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Seattle’s Best and other coffee shops around the world every day. An up-and-coming coffee shop here is South Florida is Rhino Doughnuts and Coffee. If you don’t eat donuts, be sure to munch an Isagenix bar while […]

Amazon is taking over the World

For Isagenix call 954-608-9923. Amazon is taking over the world. Or at least they are trying to. They are even going after Florida’s beloved Publix supermarkets. OK maybe not directly, but the Amazon plan to offer groceries, which are ordered online then picked up through their drive-thru, is direct competition to the Lakeland based grocery […]

Miami Design District heats Up. Bring Isagenix Bars.

For Isagenix call 954-608-9923. Miami is growing fast, especially the downtown area. Just north of downtown is an area once plighted with crime and poverty that is coming to life – the Miami Design district. Even though I have lived in South Florida for over 30 years, only recently have I seriously ventured south of […]

Uber Success in Miami Leads to Office Lease

For Isagenix call 954-608-9923. My friend Lynette lives in downtown Miami in a beautiful apartment overlooking Biscayne Bay. To get around downtown she is smart enough to not take the car and try to find parking. Instead she uses Uber and swears by it. And being aware of the parking rates in downtown Miami, she […]

FLL Fort Lauderdale Airport and Flights to Venezuela

For Isagenix call/text 954-608-9923. South Florida is famous for our large Latin American population. One of the predominant populations is the Venezuelan. In fact there are so many Venezuelans settling in Weston, a western suburb of central Broward county, that its been nicknamed Westonzuela.  I have Isagenix customers in Weston. Most Latin Americans come to […]

Press Gourmet Sandwiches or Isagenix for Lunch

For Isagenix call/text 954-608-9923. Ah, where to get lunch today! Its a daily quest. Although if you have Isagenix bars or shakes with you, its easy to get a high quality, high protein lunch at a very low price. However if you don’t have your Isagenix handy, many in Miami and Fort Lauderdale and counting […]

Major League Soccer perhaps coming to Miami

Isagenix call 954-608-9923. South Florida has lots of major league sports. The Miami Dolphins, Florida Marlins, Miami Heat and Florida Panthers. Now, led by David Beckham and Miami Beckham United, we may be getting MLS, major league soccer. I will be sure to bring my Isagenix bars to the game. The big issue has been […]

9Beach Group Fusion Kitchen Lounge Bar opens

Isagenix call 954-608-9923. The owner Itay Sacish does not want patrons to make reservations. The hidden terrace is a short walk to the beach. Classic rock-and-roll lyrics are carved into the walls. Zagat calls it the most anticipated restaurant opening of the year. This is the new Miami Beach location of 9beach Group Fusion Kitchen […]

Airline Fees are Getting Ridiculous, Isagenix still a Bargain

Isagenix call 954-608-9923. Flown lately, like in the last five years? Thought you were getting a good deal on that airline ticket until you got slammed with a $50 fee for that luggage? Oh and that’s just one way – you had to pay another $50 to fly back with it. The fees to fly […]

Well-Fed Employees are Happy and Productive, think Isagenix

For Isagenix call 954-608-9923. The South Florida Business Journal this week published an article about the up-and-coming local company Fruit Fresh Delivery. Their profit this year is expected to be between $500,000 and $1,000,000. That’s PROFIT, not income. Fruit Fresh Delivery is hoping that a larger company with the same business concept, FruitGuys, will purchase […]

Fort Lauderdale and Jet Blue, I Carry Isagenix Bars

Isagenix call 954-608-9923.  Jet Blue is a popular airline here in South Florida.  That is not surprising since flying on Jet Blue is a relatively pleasant experience.  When I last flew Jet Blue we got free TV in every seat.   That right there made the experience so much better.  Bringing an Isagenix IsaLean bar with […]

Ponzi Scheme with former Miami Dolphin Will Allen Alleged

Isagenix call 954-608-9923.  A $32 million Ponzi scheme has been uncovered and behind it is a former Miami Dolphin football player, Will Allen.  Will Allen was a cornerback for the Miami Dolphins in the early 2000’s. The premise behind the Ponzi scheme was that the money investors contributed would be loaned to former professional athletes […]

Miami Condo Market May Be Cooling. Isagenix call me

For Isagenix call 954-608-9923.   Are you buying a Condo in Miami?  Investing in real estate in South Florida is an International Past time.  In the last several years so many people from all over the world have invested in condos in downtown Miami, Miami Beach, Sunny Isles, Aventura, South Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood and the […]

Carnival May Sail to Cuba, Isagenix not in Cuba yet

Carnival May Sail to Cuba, Isagenix not in Cuba yet For Isagenix call 954-608-9923.   Living in South Florida, especially Miami, there are many people who are either from Cuba or their parents were.   I moved to Miami in the 1980’s when there were still many people who had escaped the island under the Castro regime […]

5 Very Good Reasons to Build an Extra Stream of Income

1. Relying on just a job is a risky way to live. Your value is being determined by someone else. At any time you can be let go and your income will suddenly go to zero.  Have a backup income source from Direct Sales ready. 2. Create an additional income source from Direct Sales for […]

We were ALL Terrible!

Click here to listen….          

Prepare for Hurricanes with Isagenix call 954-608-9923

For Isagenix call 954-608-9923. Hurricane Season 2015 officially kicks off today!  A great way to prepare for Hurricane Season is to have plenty of food stored so when the Big One hits, you won’t go hungry and you won’t have to wait for FEMA to come and give you food. What you will need is […]

South Florida Jobs. Isagenix call 954-608-9923

Isagenix call 954-608-9923.  Job searching is not a lot of fun, especially if you have large obligations such as a family, are not currently employed, and are feeling a sense of desperation.  Fortunately South Florida is a location where companies like to set up which helps with the job market. Fort Lauderdale, Miami and West […]

Fort Lauderdale Riverwalk Spring Get Downtown Tonight

Isagenix call 954-608-9923.  Tonight is Downtown Fort Lauderdale’s Riverwalk Spring Get Downtown event at the YOLO Plaza on Las Olas.  I went last year and it’s a lot of fun! The $20 advance admission includes 2 drinks but better yet are the food samples offered by participating eateries.  Last year I was very impressed with […]

Boca Bash, bring your Isagenix IsaLean Bars

Isagenix call 954-608-9923.  Today, Sunday, April 26, 2015, is Boca Bash.  I did not buy an Isagenix promotional table for this event as it takes place in the water and that’s not practical!  Boca Bash is a floatilla in the water of drinking, flirting, hooking up and general fun. Boca Bash takes place on Lake […]

The Villages in Florida is Popular with Millionaires and Isagenix

Isagenix call 954-608-9923. Florida is the most popular state for people from the Northeast to retire to. South Florida especially has many millionaires living here.  But in the last two years, South Florida has lost 9,000 millionaires, mostly to other parts of the state.  If you are one of these people, you can order your […]

Dr Julio Frenk new U of Miami president, call me for Isagenix

Isagenix call 954-608-9923.  Here in South Florida is the University of Miami Medical School.  The current president of the University, Donna Shalala, will be leaving this spring and starting September first the new president will be Dr. Julio Frenk.  It is not known if Dr. Frenk is using Isagenix products. If you have not tried […]

Forbes’ World’s Billionaires 2015, everyone needs Isagenix

For Isagenix call 954-608-9923.  The Forbes’ World’s Billionaires 2015 was released today. South Florida is home to 28 of these Billionaires.  Seven live in Miami, Miami-Dade county.  Three live in Broward county.  Eighteen live in Palm Beach county, Im presuming mostly on the island of Palm Beach.  #ForbesBillionaires The top of the list for South […]

Brian Flynn acquired by the Montreal Canadiens

Isagenix call 954-608-9923.  #BrianFlynn   The Montreal Canadiens just acquired Brian Flynn from the Buffalo Sabres. Brian is a forward.   Brian is just 26 years old and started playing in 2012.  He attended the University of Maine. He shoots right handed.   It is not known if he uses Isagenix. It is not known what nutritional products […]

Kosher Weight Loss with Isagenix

Isagenix call 954-608-9923.  Living in South Florida there is a significant Jewish community, may of them coming from New York originally. New York is second only to Tel Aviv as the world’s largest Jewish community. Los Angeles is fifth, and South Florida is sixth in the world with over half a million Jewish residents. Many […]

Uber Growing Taxi Service, Isagenix Grew 61% in 2014

Isagenix products, call 954-608-9923. South Florida.  What a great place.  Big and exciting yet not so crowded that you cant navigate with your own vehicle.  Yet being the party town that South Florida is, there are times a taxi is a great choice for transportation. A new “taxi” service called Uber has been in the […]

Florida Condo Association Fees

For Isagenix call 954-608-9923. How luxurious do you want your condo amenities to be?  Here in South Florida, including Fort Lauderdale, condominium complexes line the beaches.  Each is trying to out-do the next on amenities to bring that “resort” feel.  But residents pay for it with monthly association fees. Currently I reside in a house […]

Vegan in South Florida?

For Isagenix call 954-608-9923.  First off let me stat that I am not a vegan.  I would like my prime rib medium rare please, thank you.  But I have met many people who follow a vegan diet here in South Florida.  I applaud their effort as I can imagine it is a challenge.  And to […]

Why Fast Start Bonuses Suck!

Why “Fast Start” Bonuses Suck For Isagenix call 954-608-9923.   Fast Start Bonuses in Direct Sales suck.  Excuse my French.  But let me explain why. Multi-Level Marketing is the most brilliant business model in the world.  I would do nothing else.  I have two college degrees in two in-demand job categories including as a Registered Nurse […]

LeBron James, Pizza and Getting Richer

For Isagenix call 954-608-9923.  LeBron James makes millions a year playing basketball for the Miami Heat.  And he well deserves it considering the demand for his talent.  What a lot of people don’t know is that he is also a successful businessman busy with investments that are making him even richer.  And LeBron is far […]

Brazil, Bokampers and Isagenix

For Isagenix call 954-608-9923.  One of the things I love about South Florida is the diversity of cultures, especially at Bokampers.  There is a large Latin American population down here, and soccer – called Futbol – is a hugely popular sport.  So you can imagine that the World Cup is a big deal as well.  […]

Gluten Free Eating

For Isagenix call 954-608-9923.  Gluten-free.  What is gluten and why are so many people now wanting a diet free of gluten?  For many people learning what gluten is, how it affects them physically, and taking steps to avoid it in their diet can be life changing. Many people suffer digestive problems daily.  Bloating, gas, diarrhea, […]

South Florida Attracts Financial Scam

For Isagenix call 954-608-9923. Florida seems to attract scam operators.  Just recently I have read about numerous Ponzi scheme operations here in South Florida being shut down.  Several were in Fort Lauderdale in Broward County, and some in Miami in Dade County.  Some were a pyramid scheme, while others where a scam claiming to sell financial assets. […]

Mount Sinai Miami Beach Expands. Buy Isagenix.

For Isagenix call 954-608-9923. South Florida and Miami Beach are magnets for snowbirds and tourists during the winter.  Due to the advanced average age of many of our snowbirds and tourists, having adequate medical facilities is a necessity, especially an emergency department.  Currently Mount Sinai is the only medical facility in Miami Beach so their […]

Amazon to Open Distribution Center in Miami

Amazon is now a household name in America.  With such a big operation, certainly Amazon needs numerous distribution centers.  Fortunately for South Florida, Miami in particular, Amazon is signing a lease for a 300,000 square foot facility in the Doral area of west Miami-Dade County. The location is conveniently located right off the turnpike, which […]

Weight Watchers FASTER when Isagenix added

Weight Watchers can work BETTER when combined with Isagenix.  Sixty-nine percent of Americans over the age of 20 are clinically overweight or obese.  Many men and women turn to weight Watchers to help them make better food choices, control portion size and have accountability in their journey to lose weight.  But there is a way […]

Cost Effective Credit Card Processing in Florida

For Isagenix call 954-608-9923.  Who carries cash anymore?  Almost no one.  Plastic is the current exchange method.  Very few people carry sufficient cash anymore.  If you are a merchant and want great service and great transaction prices, you will want to call Emilio Jean-Louis with Merchants Processing Consulting. There are several reasons why you would […]

Flooring Professionals should call Foundation Flooring

For Isagenix call 954-608-9923. If you have ever been a homeowner here in South Florida chances are you have had to purchase flooring in your home. It could have been carpet, tile, wood, or one of the many other varieties of floor coverings available today. No matter the type, installing flooring is a daunting job […]

Trademark or Else!

Do you have a Trademark for your company name or logo? Is your company name or logo important to you? If so, you need to protect it by having your name and/or logo trademarked. My friend Danielle Bratek, Esq. of TM-Legal is a trademark attorney here in Broward County, South Florida. Her website is http://www.tm-legal.com […]

Tobacco Road in Miami Might Relocate

South Florida is famous for its nightlife. As my friend Carol from Minnesota once said “every night is Friday night in South Florida”. The oldest bar in Miami is Tobacco Road, located at 626 S. Miami Ave in Miami. It is east of I-95 and just north of Calle Ocho and south of the Miami […]

Can’t wait for Trader Joe’s to open in South Florida

Trying to eat more natural and healthy is big business, especially in appearance-conscious South Florida.  Up until now, the only major health food store chain has been Whole Foods (which is often called Whole Paycheck Foods).  Many times I have heard others say “I wish there was a Trader Joe’s here!  They’re the best!”.  When […]