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Juli Anna California, RN

Custom Paks From Your Isagenix Distributer

Isagenix distributer

Become an Isagenix Distributer and Make an Impact

Becoming an Isagenix distributer has countless benefits, but one of the most rewarding aspects is providing clients with custom paks that will help them transform their lives, by becoming happier, healthier, and more confident.

Be Your Own Boss
Have you ever wanted to be your own boss, but not had the courage to invest in starting a new business? If so, we at Isagenix have the answer for you. Our distributers are everyday people who work for themselves, making their own business plans and selling as much product as they want to. You could keep your day job and become an Isagenix distributer on the side, or fully commit to becoming your own boss and start selling Isagenix products tomorrow. The major benefit of becoming a distributer is that you have the security of knowing that Isagenix is already a successful brand. Since its inception in 2002, Isagenix has become one of the fastest growing dietary companies out there, with large amount of success in the healthy lifestyle industry. Most of our distributers invest with us after experiencing great results from our products, and have the added benefit of knowing that they will be positively affecting the lives of the people they sell to.

How to Become a Distributer
Becoming an Isagenix distributer is as simple as creating a social media profile, all you need to do is sign up with the Isagenix website, which then immediately allows you to become an associate with the company. Once you have completed your profile and account, all you need to do is browse the different paks and programs that are on offer, and chose which ones you would like to market and sell. When you have decided, those products should be delivered to your doorstep within a working week, and you’ll be ready to start making some money while simultaneously making a positive impact on our country’s eating habits.

For the Buyers
Although we love it when happy customers join our Isagenix family, you don’t have to become a distributer to buy an Isagenix pak or meal supplementation program. We know that everyone is different, and each individual has unique dietary needs. That’s why we have created a score of different paks that cater to everyone’s needs. For example, we know that some people are a lot more active than others and thus require different, more athletically orientated meal programs. For this reason, we offer athletic performance paks that will keep all our Isagenix athletes fit and healthy. But the sportier people among us aren’t the only ones who need to stay healthy – we all do, and that is why Isagenix has paks that cater to men, women and children, be they young or old. And for those who just want to drop a few pounds while safely detoxing their bodies, our weight-loss paks are quick, convenient and best of all, yummy!

At the end of the day, our distributers know that everyone has different needs, and will try and create custom paks wherever possible. If one of our paks isn’t suited to your needs, remember, most of our products are also sold separately, so you can mix and match as much as you want.