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Boost Isagenix Performance Products with Caffeine and Adaptogens

Isagenix performance products

Isagenix offers a range of performance products that are especially made to boost your energy levels and help you go that extra mile. The e+ shot is one of these products that keeps you feeling fresh and energized by combining natural caffeine extract and adaptogens. This resulting in an optimum effect without giving you any negative feelings such as “jitters” that other energy shots may have given you in the past. Both these key ingredients are completely natural, thus making Isagenix performance products an even better choice for you. Become a better version of yourself by simply adding a small dose of natural energy boosters to your daily routine.

Caffeine is an ingredient most of us are already very familiar with, as most of us have at least one cup of coffee a day. It is found naturally in various plants such as coffee, green tea leaves, and yerbe mate. It works by keeping our brain from thinking we are tired, and by doing so lessens fatigue and gets us to feel more awake and alert. Because the caffeine molecule is similar to that of adenosine (a neurotransmitter that ‘tells’ the brain to lessen nerve activity when our bodies are tired), it can easily take its place, resulting in wakefulness instead of fatigue. Not only does caffeine make you feel awake, it also improves focus, thus increasing your ability to work and be active.

Relatively new to the western world, adaptogens are a group of bioactive plant compounds found in various herbs such as Asian ginseng, Eleuthero, and Rhodiola rosea. Adaptogens have been used in Chinese and Indian Ayurvedic medicines for centuries before the west even discovered their benefits. Acting as stress relievers and energy boosters they are the perfect ingredient for Isagenix performance products, especially in the e+ shot, where they are combined with natural caffeine extract. Adaptogens work similarly to a thermostat, bringing down your stress levels when they are too high and increasing your energy levels when you are feeling drained. Their job is to create balance in your body, removing toxins and increasing energy, resulting in a fresh feeling. Even though they are herbs, they should be taken in the right dosages, make sure to consult your doctor before diving straight in.

With two natural sources of energy packed into one performance product, the e+ shot has to be the way to go, leaving your mind and body happy, rested, alert, and balanced. The e+ shot contains no artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners, to keep it strictly down to its most important elements in that one shot.

As well as this combination, Isagenix also offers products containing caffeine and adaptogens separately, such as the Isagenix Coffee and Ionix® Supreme. Introducing these two amazing substances in one energy shot makes for a better start to the day, relieving you of unnecessary stress and toxins. Keeping you alert and focused as well as fully energized, the e+ shot will keep you mentally and physically active!