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For Isagenix call 954-608-9923. Cuba looming so closely across the water has always been a factor living in South Florida. When I arrived here in the mid-80’s, the Mariel boatlift was still very fresh. Many Cuban immigrants didn’t speak English. Hopeful talk of returning once again to a free Cuba was common.  Then someday we […]

For Isagenix call 954-608-9923. My friend Lynette lives in downtown Miami in a beautiful apartment overlooking Biscayne Bay. To get around downtown she is smart enough to not take the car and try to find parking. Instead she uses Uber and swears by it. And being aware of the parking rates in downtown Miami, she […]

For Isagenix call/text 954-608-9923. South Florida is famous for our large Latin American population. One of the predominant populations is the Venezuelan. In fact there are so many Venezuelans settling in Weston, a western suburb of central Broward county, that its been nicknamed Westonzuela.  I have Isagenix customers in Weston. Most Latin Americans come to […]

Isagenix call 954-608-9923.  A $32 million Ponzi scheme has been uncovered and behind it is a former Miami Dolphin football player, Will Allen.  Will Allen was a cornerback for the Miami Dolphins in the early 2000’s. The premise behind the Ponzi scheme was that the money investors contributed would be loaned to former professional athletes […]

Isagenix call 954-608-9923.  Job searching is not a lot of fun, especially if you have large obligations such as a family, are not currently employed, and are feeling a sense of desperation.  Fortunately South Florida is a location where companies like to set up which helps with the job market. Fort Lauderdale, Miami and West […]

For Isagenix call 954-608-9923. How luxurious do you want your condo amenities to be?  Here in South Florida, including Fort Lauderdale, condominium complexes line the beaches.  Each is trying to out-do the next on amenities to bring that “resort” feel.  But residents pay for it with monthly association fees. Currently I reside in a house […]

Amazon is now a household name in America.  With such a big operation, certainly Amazon needs numerous distribution centers.  Fortunately for South Florida, Miami in particular, Amazon is signing a lease for a 300,000 square foot facility in the Doral area of west Miami-Dade County. The location is conveniently located right off the turnpike, which […]

Weight Watchers can work BETTER when combined with Isagenix.  Sixty-nine percent of Americans over the age of 20 are clinically overweight or obese.  Many men and women turn to weight Watchers to help them make better food choices, control portion size and have accountability in their journey to lose weight.  But there is a way […]

For Isagenix call 954-608-9923.  Who carries cash anymore?  Almost no one.  Plastic is the current exchange method.  Very few people carry sufficient cash anymore.  If you are a merchant and want great service and great transaction prices, you will want to call Emilio Jean-Louis with Merchants Processing Consulting. There are several reasons why you would […]

Do you have a Trademark for your company name or logo? Is your company name or logo important to you? If so, you need to protect it by having your name and/or logo trademarked. My friend Danielle Bratek, Esq. of TM-Legal is a trademark attorney here in Broward County, South Florida. Her website is http://www.tm-legal.com […]

Trying to eat more natural and healthy is big business, especially in appearance-conscious South Florida.  Up until now, the only major health food store chain has been Whole Foods (which is often called Whole Paycheck Foods).  Many times I have heard others say “I wish there was a Trader Joe’s here!  They’re the best!”.  When […]

Starbucks is much more than just a cup of coffee.  It is a culture.  It’s a respite.  And it is a great place to do business.  I like to joke around that my business has “thousands of offices around the world”.  My favorite and most used Starbucks however is the one in Coral Springs, Broward […]

For Isagenix call 954-608-9923. Its mid-April, tax time again.  Even if you are filing an extension, like I did for my Isagenix business, if you owe the IRS any money, it is due this week. Taxes can be a huge burden if you have not planned and paid them throughout the year.  Many businesses are […]

For Isagenix call 954-608-9923. Isagenix is used by a lot of professional athletes.  It is not known if David Beckham is one of them.  What is known however is that David Beckham and his investors are wanting to build a Major League soccer stadium in South Florida.  The stadium will be in Dade County as […]

For Isagenix call 954-608-9923. Isagenix has its own Millennial Division called the START program. This is important because this is the upcoming generation, replacing the Baby Boomers as they retire. Many Millennials are doing very well in Isagenix.  You can learn more specific details about Millennials at  http://www1.cpcc.edu/millennial . A Millennial is defined as someone […]

For Isagenix call 954-608-9923. Here is South Florida, my home where I promote Isagenix, cruising is a common local vacation.  Royal Caribbean is one of the better cruise lines in my opinion.  When I go on a cruise from BrowardCounty, Palm BeachCounty or Miami, I bring my Isagenix with me.  I learned about Adam Goldstein’s […]

For Isagenix call 954-608-9923. You can download Isagenix to go on the Apple iPod or any Android.   For those of you who are Apple fans, the iPhone 6 is expected to be released this year.  It will have a larger screen at 4.7 inches.  The current phones have 4 inch screens.  My daughter here in […]

For Isagenix call 954-608-9923. Isagenix can help you tremendously to stay healthy on the inside.  However sometimes things happen.  Medical malpractice has been a big issue in Florida, including BrowardCounty, Palm beachCounty and Miami-DadeCounty for a long time.  Isagenix is also available in these counties, and all throughout Florida Now there is a bill in […]

Sometimes for Isagenix I need to travel to another location to support my team.  Jet Blue has been a great airline in my experience.  Jet Blue announced today that it is cancelling its service from West Palm Beach to San Juan, Puerto Rico.   This is so that Jet Blue can use personnel, equipment and resources […]

Even though I buy a lot of Isagenix as my food supply, I still must go to the grocery store, usually Walmart or Publix.  According to Consumer Reports, Publix is once again near the top of the list of best supermarkets.  And Walmart is again ranking dead last. Fortunately for us in South Florida, we […]

Isagenix may be in nine countries but I am building in South Florida.  South Florida, specifically Broward, Palm   Beach and Miami-Dade counties, are some of the highest tourist areas in the country.  In fact according to RevPAR statistics, Florida leads the nation in tourism.  RevPAR stands for “Revenue per Available Room”.   If you have […]

  For Isagenix call 954–608-9923.  No matter how you feel about the Affordable Care Act (and I reserve opinion here), a byproduct has been many Americans pondering quitting their jobs.  In fact just last a week a friend who is joining Isagenix said that she may leave her job now that she can get insurance […]

  For Isagenix call 954-608-9923.  Jimmy Fallon is the new host of The Tonight Show.  The 30 year anniversary of the movie Footloose is this year.  Jimmy had the movie’s star Kevin Bacon on The Tonight Show.   It s not know whether Kevin or Jimmy consume Isagenix.   You can watch the video at http://www.people.com/people/article/0,,20799513,00.html Footloose […]

Isagenix may just be starting in Broward County, Florida, but construction has always been big industry in South Florida.  Construction hat a bad spot during the latest recession.  But its heating up again.  While out networking in downtown Fort Lauderdale for Isagenix, I have noticed a lot of construction equipment.  The evidence is there. High […]

One thing I love about being an Isagenix Associate in South Florida is that no one is going to transfer me to another location.  I love it here and don’t even plan to leave the general area, plus it’s also a great place to sell Isagenix.  South Florida is can be like New York a […]

Tonight should I write for my Isagenix blog, or watch House of Cards?  After all, Season Two of House of Cards just came out and it’s getting really good.  But I need to write for my Isagenix blog, because money is really good too.  What would you choose? I love my Isagenix business.  I start […]

Call Of Duty Ghosts hit $1 billion in sales today, according to Gamespot.  In my experience, most young people playing video games like Call Of Duty Ghosts do a lot of sitting, are gaining weight, and should be using the Isagenix products.  I am a mother of two boys who play a lot of video […]

TV star Marcia Wallace died today, at the young age of 70. Why do I consider her death at age 70 as “young?  Because I am 51 and it’s doesn’t seem too far away anymore.  Of course I am taking Isagenix so I hope to live well past 100. According to the Chicago Tribune, Marcia […]

VH1 has introduced a new show called SexyCrazyCool about a group called TLC. SexyCrazyCool is set in the 90’s, a decade I really don’t remember too much because I was strapped down with babies.  So VH1 has made it possible for me to see what I really missed with about TLC with SexyCrazyCool. Although nowadays […]

Peyton Manning was welcomed with a Hero’s Welcome in Indianapolis yesterday.  Difference was that Peyton Manning wasn’t playing for the Colts, he was playing for the Denver Broncos!  Still I think its really awesome that the city he played with for 12 years was so incredibly welcoming to him, even thogh he was on the […]

With the obesity epidemic in America, celebrating an overweight actress like Melissa McCarthy seems like a natural progression of acceptance, even as companies like Isagenix are working to reverse the obesity trend.  Melissa McCarthy is really funny and a great actress. It’s interesting that, even a few years ago, featuring an obese woman in the […]