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Frequently Asked Questions about Isagenix

Isagenix Distributor

FAQ’s Answered by an Isagenix Distributor

As an Isagenix distributor, I often get asked a lot of questions…here are just a few of the more popular ones with the answers. So now, all the most important questions and information are in one place.

What differentiates Isagenix from other weight loss products?
Isagenix is a non processed product made from undernatured whey protein from New Zealand. The cows that produce the milk don’t receive any hormones or steroids, offering you a healthy way to lose weight, build muscle, increase energy ,and better your health. Isagenix products are designed to detox and cleanse your body in the most natural way possible.

Is it safe to give my child Isagenix products?
It is recommended for children of the age of four or more. Our products contain only natural ingredients with no artificial sweeteners, colorants, or flavors. However, we always recommend you consult your child’s pediatrician first.

How can I benefit the most from the Isagenix 30 Day System?
Usually a 30 Day Nutritional Cleanse program is constructed by drinking shakes for six consecutive days and keeping the last day of the week to a cleanse day. You will receive a detailed program with flexible instructions to follow with meal ideas and many more suggestions to keep you going. The Isagenix President’s Pak is the best option for a 30 day system, as it includes all the products you need.

What’s the difference between a Shake Day and a Deep Cleanse Day?
On a shake day you prepare an Isagenix shake twice a day, including snacks in between to keep your body balanced and healthy. On a deep cleanse day you need to take the aloe vera cleanse four times a day. It is vital to drink plenty of water while cleansing to get rid of all your toxins and to fully benefit from our products.

Do I receive a refund if I don’t like Isagenix?
When you make your first purchase on a pak program you are automatically covered by a 30 day money back guarantee. These packs offer you the best nutrition for your body and easy-to-follow instructions.

How long do I need to be on the Isagenix program?
We recommend following the program and continuing with some of the products like shakes for as long as possible. However, you can choose to do a time-based program such as the 1-2 month program. But if you decide to stop the program, you don’t need to pay an extra charge or stay in some sort of contract.

Is it necessary to sell the products?
There is no obligation for you to sell the products; we only want you to enjoy the full benefits of the products. But if you would like to be part of our exciting team, we will welcome you with open arms and introduce you to the wonderful opportunities Isagenix can offer you as a successful entrepreneur.

Is it safe to take while I’m on prescription medication?
If you are taking chronic medication, have a medical condition or are on prescribed medication, we recommend you consult your doctor before going on the program. Tell your doctor the ingredients of the products you would like to use, explain that you want to go on a healthy eating program which will involve fasting and includes nutritional supplements. You can also ask your doctor to check your results once you start with the Isagenix program. While you are on the program you might feel the need to reduce the intake of your medication, however always consult your doctor first before doing so.

Can I take Isagenix when I’m pregnant or while breast-feeding?
All our products are naturally made and for the full benefit of your health. To be safe, you should consult your doctor first in case of any special requirements. Once you get the go-ahead from your doctor you can include the Isagenix products in your daily routine as a nutritional supplement. It’s important that you don’t put your mind on losing weight while pregnant and during breast-feeding. You can take the IsaLean shakes, bars, slimcakes, and the fibresnacks to maintain a healthy body with all the multivitamins you need, however don’t use it to replace you meals. You can also add the IsaPro and Want More Energy supplements. While pregnant and breast-feeding, it is important to stop using the Cleanse for Life, IsaFlush, Ionix Supreme or Natural Accelerator products. After you stop breast-feeding you can go back on the full Isagenix program.