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Former Make-up Saleswoman finds Isagenix

Isagenix Tami H makeupTami H. was in Network Marketing for years before finding Isagenix.  She only joined Isagenix a few years ago.  Until then she had been a success selling make-up for a very well-known company based out of Dallas, Texas that tens of thousands of women are involved in.   She even reached the level of Future Executive Sales Director, an achievement that working six days a week brought her.  But Isagenix is what has finally brought her the success she had been working so hard for.

While traveling on business with the make-up company, she met Isagenix 1-Star Golden Circle Cindy J. who introduced her to the amazing Isagenix products and business model.  Then through another Isagenix associate Lenny E., she really saw the power of the business model that Isagenix offers.

Tami commenced building her Isagenix business, helping many people to better health and financial rewards.  But then she heard that one of the top people in her former Dallas-based make-up company had resigned.  See this as an opportunity, she reached out to her to introduce her to Isagenix.

That smart move has brought Tami the amazing Hilari C., now a 9-Star Platinum with Isagenix.  Tami states that its amazing how just one person can transform your life with the Isagenix business.  Now making over $200,000 a year, Tami is realizing the network marketing success she was not able to realize before.

Tami also shares that a huge benefit of the Isagenix business is helping people with something far more important than money or make-up – their very precious health.   After losing her father to cancer two years ago, this quest has become even more important to her.

Tami looks forward to even more success in the years ahead with Isagenix, especially as the company continues to grow around the globe.  She states that its amazing how successful this company is already, and it’s just getting started – currently in 8 countries and opening its 9’th, Colombia, next month – January, 2014.  Isagenix is certainly on the move and will be a household name.

If you would like to learn more about Isagenix, both the products and the business, visit www.CleanseAndWeightLoss.com , click on “Videos” for massive amounts of information and “Products” for product prices and descriptions.  Investigate what Isagenix has to offer you and your loved ones.  Please contact Juli Anna California directly at 954-608-9923 in Florida, United States.   Juli Anna is a fulltime Isagenix Associate and is committed to helping you reach your health and financial goals.  For more information about Networkers who have switched from other companies to Isagenix, watch this video – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AReIkw0PXAw&feature=youtu.be