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Isagenix or House of Cards

Isagenix House of Cards Juli Anna California www.cleanseandweightloss.comTonight should I write for my Isagenix blog, or watch House of Cards?  After all, Season Two of House of Cards just came out and it’s getting really good.  But I need to write for my Isagenix blog, because money is really good too.  What would you choose?

I love my Isagenix business.  I start pretty early in the morning.  To me its not work.  If you love what you do, its not work.  I don’t consider Isagenix work, I think of it as building an empire.  But my boyfriend and I started House of Cards Season One a few weeks ago when we finished Orange is the New Black.  The next season of Orange doesn’t come out until June 6.  That’s why we started watching House of Cards.

Both shows are a production of Netflix.  They are both very high quality.  Just like the Isagenix products, high quality keeps you coming back.  I know Eric Worre says I should just blitz and never watch TV if I want to expode my Isagenix business.  Truth is I did cancel cable and concentrate heavily growing my Isagenix business.  But once in a while my boyfriend and I like to relax and be entertained.

This next week will be the best entertainment of all as I head to Atlanta for the Isagenix IsaU event.  Some of my favorite Isagenix people are going to be there.  IsaU is smaller, about 600 people.  Hopefully my boyfriend wont be sneaking in any House of Cards during the four days I am gone at the Isagenix event.  This gives him a lot of time to make Isagenix calls.  If you are growing an Isagenix business, you will want to make calls too.  I love to find new people to look at Isagenix at networking events around the South Florida area. That way I get to know them personally and can better serve them with the Isagenix products and business.

If you would like to know more about the Isagenix products or business, call Juli Anna California in South Florida at 954-608-9923.

To read an overview of House of Cards, read here – http://movies.netflix.com/WiMovie/House_of_Cards/70178217?mqso=81401493