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Juli Anna California, RN

Is your 2016 Resolution to Lose Weight? Again?

Isagenix call 954-608-9923. The Number One New Years Resolution every single year is “I’m going to lose weight”. Is this you? Again? Really? I suppose you are going to use the same “method” you failed at last year – “eat healthy and exercise”. This is a new, highly toxic world. Its not so simple anymore.


One of the primary reasons so many Americans are so overweight is because our world is becoming more and more toxic all the time. The body stores toxins in fat cells to get them away from the organs. The more toxins accumulate, the more your body will want to make “storage containers” (fat cells). And if you do manage to cut your intake and exercise enough to lose some fat, you will now have a higher ratio of toxins in your bloodstream. Now your body is going to fight you to put the fat back on so it can store the toxins away again. What’s the point of working so hard to lose weight if you are just going to put it back on?


That’s how Isagenix is different and why thousands upon thousands of people have been able to lose weight, even very large amounts of weight, by detoxing the body with the Isagenix system. The Cleanse for Life is proven in scientific tests to release four times more toxins in the same amount of time as Intermittent Fasting without the Cleanse for Life, an Isagenix product.


University Clinical studies show that subjects on the Isagenix program lost TWICE as much belly fat in the same amount of time as subjects on the “Heart Healthy” diet who were counseled by a dietician and monitored by a physician.


Isagenix is simple. No planning, shopping, prepping, cooking, and very little cleaning is needed. You are only responsible for six meals on your own each week. It’s as simple – and effective at weight loss – as any program can get, even your own self-designed one. It’s probably cheaper as well, since Isagenix replaces part of your food bill.


How about finally competing your New Years Resolution in 2016 so you can have a new, more exciting one in 2017! Contact Juli Anna California, RN at 954-608-9923 and have an Isagenix 30-Day System shipped directly to you, and you will get the lowest possible wholesale price as well. You will be amazed how losing weight can transform your life in so many ways!