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Isagenix Business A Decade of Excellence

isagenix business

Formula to Isagenix Business Success

Isagenix International exploded onto the fitness and lifestyle market to become one of the fastest growing health and wellness companies on the continent. This level of excellence has been recognized by the Inc. 5000 list – the top 5000 private U.S. companies – for 10 consecutive years. Other members of the Top 5000 include Microsoft and Gimmal. But where did it all start? What is the secret to our decade of success?

Who Are Isagenix?

Isagenix International develops, manufactures, sells and distributes a wide range of high-quality health and wellness products. We focus on products for cleansing, fat-burning, nutrition, and skin care for residents all around in the world: USA, Canada, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and more. In 2016, Isagenix has received over 30 industry awards for commitment to excellence in their trade. By making the Inc 5000 list 10 times, it is one of just 73 other companies who have managed to do so in the 30 years that the list has been in play.

Formula to Our Success

1. Isagenix Equals Quality

Our mission is to provide products whose ingredients, potency, natural affinity, bio-availability and superior absorption work in unison to create the best quality lifestyle interventions for you. Our founder and formulator, John Anderson, ensures that only the highest quality, raw and organic materials are used in our products. These ingredients and manufacturing processes also undergo strict and thorough inspections to ensure the quality, safety, purity and perfect levels of potency.

2. Isagenix Equals Efficacy

John Anderson, our formulator has worked for over 600 different health and wellness companies and created more than 2, 300 different products. His formulations for the Isagenix range are, therefore, the cumulative efforts of over 30 years of experience and 300 nutritional products. By harnessing this level of experience, we aim to make Isagenix synonymous with success and efficacy of treatment. The proof is in the pudding with over a thousand satisfied customers able to reach their goal weights and stay there by following Isagenix programs.

3. Isagenix Equals Business-Focused

Our co-founders Jim and Kathy Coover were focused and determined to create the largest health and wellness company in the world. They have definitely succeeded when considering: the company’s growth of 1300% in the span of five years; the customer base of over 7 million people; and their revenue of over 1 billion USD. Jim as the president of two successful Network Marketing companies and Kathy as one of the most senior personnel in 3 separate companies under the Network Marketing banner. This power couple worked together as a mean machine to make Isagenix the business it is today.

4. Isagenix Equals Team Players

Isagenix is a member of the Direct Selling Association and strongly supports associates in small Isagenix start-up businesses. We understand the stress and provide support, training and guidance needed to grow each Isagenix chain. Travis Garza, Isagenix Chief Sales and Marketing officer had this to say about making the Inc. 5000 list for 10 consecutive years, “[This] is a huge feat for [our company] and one we could not have accomplished without our loyal customers and employees. Without everyone working together as one team, we would not be the company we are today.” Isagenix encourages and invests into every employee and every customer and it pays off.

Kathy’s goal has always been to help people create physical, biological and financial independence. So if you are looking to try one of our products, or become a member of our family by becoming an associate, don’t hesitate to contact us today.