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Juli Anna California, RN

Enhance Your Business: Fitness and Healthcare Professionals

Isagenix business

Fitness and Healthcare – Supplement Your Income

Calling all healthcare and fitness professionals! Are you looking to supplement your income with a business that integrates easily into your day to day work? Look no further, join Isagenix business!

Our Product
Isagenix creates consumable products that have incredible physiological and psychological benefits for the consumer. Our products are a no-compromise, quick solution for everything from weight loss, to energy and performance, and even healthy ageing.

Isagenix produces SuperFoods that aid in weight loss and give you more energy by helping eliminate stress, toxicity, and digestive issues. Our Product B and Rejuvity skin care systems are both internal and external anti-ageing products that offer visible results that leave consumers feeling great.

Our Business
Timing is the most important thing in business. If you can identify a gap in the market, and fill it with an incredibly effective product or service, you hit the jackpot. This is exactly what Isagenix has done.

Our incredible timing, and even better product, had created 101 millionaires by 2013. Even if you have no prior marketing or sales skills, and you’re doubting you’ll be able to make this much money, think again. You could be next. In 2013, 13 out of the 21 millionaires Isagenix created had no prior experience. Look at them now.

Your Role
As healthcare and fitness professionals, we understand that your main goal is not just to create an exercise routine for your clients, but also to aid them in maintaining a healthy, balanced lifestyle. The combination of regular exercise, healthy eating, and correct vitamin intake is essential in being able to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Isagenix is the perfect complement to your services to help your clients achieve their desires.

You already have a client base full of people eager and willing to get fit and healthy, and lose weight while doing it. You already have a client base full of people who would benefit from the many products Isagenix has on offer. All you have to do is act as the link between the two. Consumers of Isagenix products see great results, fast, and love how it works and makes them feel. These products teamed with your healthcare and fitness guidance is a combination all of your clients will scramble to be a part of.

Our Compensation Plan
Isagenix is a Network Marketing company that uses a binary compensation plan that has been proven effective over the last 12 years. Isagenix has never, and will never, miss a paycheck. They have even added an additional $20 million to the pay plan to ensure that this never happens, and to assist people in increasing their personal revenue in the minimum amount of time. As if that isn’t enough, Isagenix even offers the flexible choice between being paid daily, weekly, monthly, or annually.

Isagenix combines their business building systems with training to get you started, making it easier and quicker for you to start reaping the rewards. Existing training material is readily available to you in the form of audio, video, print materials, and websites whenever you’re ready to get started. Isagenix’s Proven Path is so effective, you can make between $500 and $5,000 in just your first month of joining us! The best part is that all you need to do is build two sales teams and this pay plan has no income ceiling – There is no limit of a maximum amount you are allowed to earn, the sky isn’t even a limit!

For more information about joining the wonderful world of Isagenix, give me a call today!