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Isagenix – The Business To Be In

Isagenix business

Isagenix Business is Booming with 10 Years of Growth

Isagenix is now 14 years old, it was formed back in 2002 by John Anderson, Jim Coover and Kathy Coover. John Anderson had the experience in nutritional sciences and combing that knowledge with Jim and Kathy’s multilevel marketing experience they formed the Isagenix business model. The business has been booming with massive global expansion over the last decade. This growth has been acknowledged by Inc. magazine by including Isagenix in the Inc. 5000 group of companies.

The Isagenix business model of direct selling and multilevel marketing has allowed Isagenix products to reach people all over the world. Isagenix weight loss products have been shown to be up to 9% better at weight loss than other dieting methods. Combined with the health benefits of the product, Isagenix also helps people by providing an alternative form of income for those who are willing to work hard and smart. Both are important parts of the Isagenix business model.

This has all come together to form a business which is able to hold its own against titans of the tech world, maintain consistent and measurably growth over the past 10 years.

Inc. 5000
Inc. magazine back in 1982 formed the Inc. 500. This was a group of companies that Inc. thought were the fastest growing companies in America of that year. In 2007, this list was expanded to 5000 companies, since the size of the economy had expanded so much that 500 was simply too small of a number to fully celebrate all the companies that are pushing America forward.

Yet these companies aren’t just any companies. Inc. has set out strict guidelines on what qualifies a company to be a fast grower. Companies must overcome these to be acknowledged for their growth. To qualify a company must be private and independent, they cannot be part of a larger corporate structure, which means that these companies have managed to do this by themselves, without a helping hand. They are also analyzed over a 3-year period, where in the first year they must have a revenue stream of at least $100,000. In their final year, they must be making more than $2 million annually. These are not easy things to accomplish.

10 years
Isagenix has been able to meet these requirements for ten years in a row now. They have shown through their expansion across the globe, that Isagenix products are wanted all over from Mexico to Singapore. Starting just an idea back in 2002, Isagenix now has over 550,000 members worldwide and over 100 products being sold through direct selling.

There are only eight other direct selling businesses in the Inc. 5000, and their growth rates were very varied, but Isagenix boasts a 3-year growth figure of 166% with their revenue being $889.7 million at the end of 2015. What is even more impressive is that there are only 73 out of the 5000 companies on the list which have been there since 2006.

Isagenix is very happy with this accomplishment and hopes to see many more in the near future.