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How to Integrate Exercise with Your Isagenix Diet

Isagenix products

How to Use Your Isagenix Diet Effectively

Isagenix products are designed to help you lose weight within a flexible and long term program. In an attempt to lose weight, only concentrating on what you ingest might not give you the results you desire. The same concept applies to just concentrating on exercising without employing a suitable diet for your goals. This is why it is best for your body to exercise while still using your preferred Isagenix products and this is how you can do it.

Exercise on Cleanse Days
As part of the Isagenix weight loss program there are suggested cleanse days. On these days detoxification is promoted and calories are limited. This is great for stimulating fat loss and detoxification in general but it presents a problem for your usual exercise regimen. Exercise uses the carbohydrates, fat, and sugar in your system and these are limited on your cleanse days. It is suggested that you take less strenuous forms of exercise such as yoga or walking on these days in order for you to satisfy the requirements of your weight loss regimen.

In order to take full advantage of the benefits of exercising, there are some Isagenix products that you can take at an optimal time. For an energy boost, you should have one serving of Isagenix e+ or alternatively the Isa Pro. It is advised that you have a small dose of pre-workout nutrition such as fruit. However, it takes 30 min for your body to digest this energy and only then can you start exercising. This is where Isagenix products come in as the better option as they are pre-metabolized and allow you to exercise immediately after consuming the suggest products.

During the Workout
To restore some nutrients during your workout, you can have Isagenix Replenish. People also have this product after their workout. According to Isagenix Health, Replenish “supplies the body with a blend of quickly absorbing carbohydrates to help spare muscle and liver glycogen stores, boost energy, and restore any shortages that may inhibit performance.” This makes it clear why it is necessary to add this to your workout regimen.

Consuming protein and carbohydrates after you exercise aids in your mission to lose weight and it increases muscle growth as well as added benefits of boosting your immune system. This is why it is suggested to have an IsaLean Shake or an IsaLean Pro Shake within half an hour after you exercise. In addition to these products, you can add the Isagenix Greens or use IsaFruits for flavor with 1-2 scoops of IsaPro. Of course, drinking the required amounts of water throughout the day will also better your chances of weight loss and overall better health.

More Information
There are a few other sources of information that will aid you in making the right choices in terms of integrating your exercise into your Isagenix weight loss regimen. You can find out about personal trainer and nutritional consultant Lori Harder’s integration of Isagenix products in her day to day schedule. The guide also gives more information about the benefits and uses of all Isagenix products. For more information about placing orders for any of the products feel free to contact Cleanse and Weight loss today!