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Isagenix Distribution Tips for a Successful Business

Isagenix distributor

With the right skills, becoming an Isagenix distributor could create a pathway to career opportunities where you can be your own boss and make as much as $3,000 a day. However, when potential distributors are just beginning to get into the business, there are a few common mistakes that many people make.

  • Only Networking with Friends and Family

    The thinking here is that if you convince your friends and family to buy your products, then they will tell their friends and family and so your product will gain momentum as time goes on. In reality, it is difficult to convince others to buy a product and trying to pitch your friends and family may create tension in your relationships.

  • Thinking that the Problem is the Product

    If you are using the right marketing formula, you should be able to attract a base of people who want to buy your products. It’s not that the product is bad, you just need to find a way to market it that works for you and for the product.

  • Taking Out Newspaper Ads and Printing Leaflets

    • Newspaper ads

      These are expensive and while you may get a few people exposed to your products in this way, the cost of the ads usually outweighs any benefit.

    • Leaflets

      Designing a leaflet alone can cost you a lot of time, energy, and money. If you are not a graphic designer, making a leaflet that people will connect to is a difficult task. The leaflets would also need to be in color and on sturdy paper. Many who have tried printing leaflets and slipping them in people’s mailboxes and under doors find that it is expensive and very few people make contact or purchase the products advertised.

Now that we’ve talked about what doesn’t work, here is what does:

  • Online Based Marketing

    Going digital with videos, audios, and articles will give your product more exposure to a larger audience. There will be someone who wants to buy the product that you are advertising, you just need to find a way to reach them through social media platforms.

  • There are Two Types of People Online

  • Solution Seekers

These are the people who want to buy your product. If you develop a relationship with consumers through social media, they will often be convinced to try your product. As long as you convince them that your product is a solution to their problems, then they will become consumers.

  • Opportunity Seekers

    These people are the ones who see an opportunity in your product and want to invest in your product. Many solution seekers will become opportunity seekers if you keep them within your online community.

  • Create an Online Community

    Finding followers for a video channel, Twitter, Facebook, etc. is the first step in creating an online community around your product. Social media is a good way for you to host webinars and conferences for people who are interested in your product.

  • Offer a Lower Priced Product First

    To get people hooked on your product, first offer something in the twenty-five to one hundred dollars a month range. This will allow consumers to try your product without making too much of a commitment. Once you have a decent consumer base for these lower priced products, then you can begin offering products that are more expensive. Often, the consumers buying the lower priced products will move to buying higher priced ones once they trust you and your company’s message.

By avoiding common pitfalls in network marketing and using these tips, you should be able to begin to build a client base, averaging about twenty leads per day, in a matter of weeks.