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How to Set-up a Successful Distribution Network

Isagenix Distributor

Guide to Being an Isagenix Distributor

There are many advantages to becoming an Isagenix distributor. Besides the fact that you can use this opportunity for part-time or full-time income, all the income you earn is dependent on the effort you put in. In addition, you can get incentives and bonuses just for being part of the team. You don’t have to have any special skills to join and create your own distribution network. Here is a guide on how to set-up a successful network so that you can start earning that much needed money.

How to Join Isagenix
Before you start making money, you need to find a nearby Isagenix associate in order to join their network so that they can advise you as you start up. To become an associate yourself, you can submit an Independent Associate Application or alternatively, enroll online on the Isagenix website. You will then have to purchase the Isagenix Associate Support System package which goes for $39. This step gives you many benefits such as your own website and access to an associate support system as well as your own Retail Business Center.

Starting the Distribution Network
In order to increase the money that you earn as an Isagenix distributor, you need to move up the hierarchy of positions available to you at Isagenix. You start off by being an associate, then a consultant, followed by a manager, director and then an executive. You are able to move up the ladder by getting more people to join you in becoming distributors. When you are an associate you can move to consultant by maintaining the Active Status as well having at least 2 associates (one on the left and the other on the right sales team) join the Isagenix network because of your personal efforts. This must happen within the same month.

Similarly, the move from consultant to manager is characterized by still maintaining an Active Status as well as personally enrolling 2 consultants onto your team in the same month. As a director, you will need to have enrolled 6 consultants and as a manager you will need to have enrolled 10 people who earn on the consultant or higher positions. As you go up the hierarchy, the benefits and the team bonuses increase and your distribution network becomes stronger and more likely to be successful.

Tools to Use to Grow Your Network
The internet is obviously teeming with ways on how to improve your approach of potential associates. The Isagenix website has a script that you can use with interested associates as well as a step-by-step guide on how to ensure that you get the person to enroll. This involves referring them to watch the Isamovie in order for them to get a holistic understanding of the business and the operations as well as using social networks to create interest. Your own website would be a great place to refer people to for more information as that would put them a step closer to becoming your enrolled associate.

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