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Have a Healthy Thanksgiving

Isagenix gluten-free

Isagenix Gluten-Free Thanksgiving

How many times in the recent past have you been surprised by family or friends arriving for a meal saying that they are either trying the gluten free diet or that they are gluten intolerant? Over the past 50 years, studies show that the number of people suffering from celiac disease has quadrupled in number, which shows that more and more people are building an intolerance toward gluten. Thankfully a there is no reason why a gluten problem should dampen your Thanksgiving plans because Isagenix has the answer to your gluten-free Thanksgiving.

This may seem impossible but once you list the different components of your meal, you will notice how easy it is to substitute many of the ingredients for gluten-free alternatives. More good news is that none of the gluten eaters will even suspect it. To compliment your Isagenix program, going gluten-free is as easy as pie!

To start off with, traditionally a turkey does not contain any gluten, but, beware of gravy sachets or extras that may come with the turkey. These always contain gluten, and if you do intend to buy a ready-made gravy make sure it says gluten-free on the package. If you are making gravy from scratch, you can substitute the wheat flour with corn flour.

The stuffing has probably got the most gluten in it, but this shouldn’t be too difficult to solve. There are many gluten-free breads available today, as well as store bought breadcrumbs. Substituting this is a simple technique, but another way of doing it would be to use rice instead of bread. This may sound strange, but remember rice is gluten-free, and is also used in many of Isagenix gluten-free snacks and meals. It is a great source of fiber to add to your meal and gives your classic Thanksgiving dinner a bit of a delicious twist.

Cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, and candied sweet potatoes should be no problem when it comes to gluten, just make sure you skip out on any wheat flour you might want to use along the line. Make your own mashed potatoes to avoid the possibility of gluten added to an instant version. Homemade always tastes better anyway, and using fresh ingredients is a lot healthier.

Pumpkin Pie needs a bit of a re-think though, because the crust is usually made with wheat flour. There are a few ways around this small obstacle. Either you can find a premade pie crust that is gluten-free, or you can buy a pie crust mixture that is gluten-free (for example one by Namaste Foods called “Biscuits, Piecrusts & More!”). Another option would be to make your own crust, possibly with ground nuts (such as pecan nuts) as a replacement for flour. Lastly an alternative option would be to forget about a crust and focus on the center of the pie instead which is usually naturally gluten-free. This option would be more like a pudding, and could add another interesting twist to your Thanksgiving meal.

You can now fit this meal snuggly into your gluten-free Isagenix program, letting you enjoy Thanksgiving a whole lot more just by knowing you and your family are eating a little more healthily.