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Gaining the Upper Hand

Isagenix products

Isagenix Products Giving You the Edge in Training

Isagenix has a wide range of products suited to those who want to get fit in the healthiest way, while not being limited to eating salad and drinking carrot juice all day! If you find yourself working to lose weight, aiming to get fit, training for a marathon or more by trying to keep physically active regularly, then Isagenix products will help you gain the upper hand.

It is important that you feed your body the right nutrients to compliment your physical training, which is why Isagenix has specifically developed products to aid all people from extreme athletes, to the average Joe and Jane just wanting to keep fit. These products aim to give you a boost, upping your energy levels and increasing your muscle mass healthily.

Isagenix has therefore developed the Athletes Pak, which includes a wide range of different products:

The Isalean Shake
This can be used as a meal replacement, and has clinically shown healthy weight loss and muscle growth when used correctly. It contains 23 vitamins and minerals, as well as a healthy mix of proteins, fiber, carbs and fats that your body needs on a daily basis to function optimally. More good news is that the Isalean shake is soy and gluten free so it accommodates those who have allergies. It comes in tantalizing flavors such as Vanilla, Strawberry Cream, and Dutch Chocolate, which adds to your taste sensation as you enjoy it instead of closing your nose and downing it as fast as you can!

Ionix Supreme Herbal Tonic
If you’re ever feeling lethargic, tired, or stressed before your workout, the Ionix tonic will get you feeling energized and ready in no time. This tonic is infused with rich vitamins, and herbal elements that combat stress and fatigue specifically. Scientifically formulated, it energizes your cells and aids your body in the removal of toxins so that you feel revitalized. If taken before your workout it will give you that extra boost to go the extra mile. You can purchase it in powder form to be mixed with water, or liquid form – whichever suits you better.

This is a high protein booster in powder form which is used as a post workout shake to compliment the hard work you just achieved with your workout. However, it can be used at any time of the day as a protein boost. The dairy products in IsaPro are not treated with hormones or antibiotics, which makes it a healthier option than most average protein shakes. Protein helps to increase your muscle mass, which aids the athlete, however you should avoid taking in too much protein!

Replenish Sports Drink
Every athlete needs a good sports drink by their side during training to keep that stamina going, especially those running for long-distance competitions. Replenish is the perfect sports drink to keep you hydrated, energized and revitalized for the duration of your training session or workout. It is suitable for everyone – dairy free, gluten free, soy free and no artificial flavors or coloring. You can also choose between orange, lime and grape flavor.

IsaLean Bars
Last but not least, athletes are always looking for energy rich booster snacks when they’re on the go – IsaLean Bars have been formulated for just that! They satisfy your unhealthy cravings for chocolates, sweets and sugar rich eatables, but in a healthy way. They come in a great range of flavors like Peanut crunch, Chocolate Decadence, Passion Crunch and more – to satisfy everyone’s cravings.

These are just a few of Isagenix products designed to help you as an athlete. Give yourself the upper hand and visit Isagenix website today, and check out their full range of products to compliment your personal lifestyle.