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Isagenix Products for The Athlete in You

Isagenix products

Bring out and build your inner-athlete with Isagenix products in a healthy, life-changing way. Isagenix products are here to help you on your journey of physical transformation into a fitter, stronger and healthier you! With the Isagenix Athlete’s Pak not only will you improve muscle mass but you can also shed unwanted pounds.

What is in the Athlete’s Pak?

This pack comprises of five different Isagenix products, all specifically designed to boost you on your athletic journey.

  • IsaLean Shake® and Isalean® Pro Shake:  These shakes use the best quality whey protein to repair weary bones, muscles and body cells. They also aid to prevent cravings.
  • IsaPro®: Increase the whey protein in your shake to stimulate muscle growth and jump-start your metabolism. A great help to those wanting to lose weight, as the protein helps to reduce hunger.
  • Ionix Supreme®: A tonic designed to boost your mental wellbeing as well as physical performance by combatting stress naturally.
  • Replenish®: Restore your electrolytes and re-energize your body after exercise with this refreshing, rehydrating sports drink.
  • IsaLean Bar®  These bars contain 18 grams of the highest quality whey and milk protein to maintain lean muscle growth as well as support weight loss. They are great-tasting too, and can be used to replace meals.

In addition to these five athlete’s products, Isagenix offers multiple other products to support weight loss and muscle gain. These can be added on to your Athlete’s Pak.

  • Whey Thins®: A savory Isagenix snack that is low in calories.
  • Ageless Essentials Daily Pack: Individually-wrapped packets to be taken twice daily to ensure you get your optimum intake of vitamins and minerals. Experience an increased feeling of youthfulness, vitality and energy.
  • e+ Energy Shot: instantly boost your energy with this naturally-caffeinated shot to keep you active and alert.

The journey to success

Follow these three steps to optimize your path to physical improvement.

  • Make full use of the Athlete’s Pak planner to ensure you take all your Isagenix products at the correct times and in the correct amounts.
  • The best and most fun way to sustain the success of the Athlete’s Pak is to enlist a partner to do it with you! Encourage your spouse, co-worker or friend to begin the Isagenix journey with you. This will help you to keep motivated and committed to becoming your physical best.
  • Fill your home with healthy foods and plan delicious healthy meals. Remove sugary temptations from your cupboards such as sodas, junk food and products with artificial coloring or flavoring.

Why choose Isagenix products?

  • Boosts energy in a safe, effective manner and without the use of harsh stimulants.
  • Revives the body’s cells, muscles and tissue after workouts with the help of whey protein which contains all the amino acids.
  • Enhances both physical and mental wellbeing, helping you to focus on and endure your athletic activities.
  • Supports weight loss by curbing your cravings and balancing your appetite, achieved by the whey protein ingredient in the products.
  • Only natural and clean ingredients are used for Isagenix products – no artificial ingredients, only those from nature which are tested and standardized ensuring safety and purity.

Get involved!

Earn extra income in a part-time or full-time capacity by encouraging friends and family to being their own Isagenix journey. A great way to stay healthy and fit, help others to do the same and earn some extra money while you do it. Visit IsagenixBusiness.com to find out more.