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Introducing the New Dairy Free IsaLean Bars

Isagenix Products

Isagenix Products Expand Catering to Dairy Free Diets

Isagenix has committed to creating products based on good science, and that cater to as wide an audience as possible. After all, what drives Isagenix is for Isagenix products to be inclusive – you know, that idea of catering to the client and the client being family. Well, in keeping with that, they have launched a new product: a dairy free version of the IsaLean bar. The motivation behind this new Isagenix product is to cater to all of you who have chosen a diet path that tends to exclude you from many of the awesome products that make the Isagenix line so easy for so many people to use. Let’s explore the ways in which this new product from Isagenix is a fantastic new addition!

1. Dairy Free and other Dietary Appeal
These new flavors of dairy free IsaLean bars are completely plant based. This means that the product not only appeals to those who steer clear of dairy, but to other diet choices as well. The bars are classified as vegetarian, but qualify as vegan, too. Isagenix has devoted resources to developing a protein bar that anyone can eat regardless of personal dietary needs or choices. Not to forget those who have other restrictions on their diets, it is also soy and gluten free, with no artificial flavors. Isagenix’ commitment too advanced science led to natural flavor technologies being employed in the creation of this bar. So basically, everyone should be eating this bar.

2. How it Compares to the Original IsaLean Bar
As with all Isagenix products, there is a commitment to ensuring the product caters to all kinds of clients. It fits perfectly into the plans that make use of the IsaLean bar. It functions as a substitute to the Dairy Free Shake because it is made with a similar nutritional compound which makes it convenient for you. The two flavors available are quite different, but that does not affect the nutritional value of either. Both flavors in this product line have been developed to the same nutritional standard, which is developed to match that of all Isagenix products.

3. But it’s Plant Based…?
Dairy Free IsaLean Bars have been created with a combination of pea and whole-grain brown rice which yields a protein that is incredibly similar to whey protein – which is the basis of the original bar. It is a protein that is reliable in its capacity to aid muscle development and repair. This bar is entirely plant based and dairy free, but it is totally balanced as well. Let’s talk amino acids, protein, fiber, carbohydrates, and the good fats – all present. This protein complex has been endorsed by many, even in the world of athleticism usually associated with a high need for complete proteins.

This really doesn’t do justice to the long list of reasons to love the new IsaLean dairy free bar, but it feels like a good start. There is most certainly going to be something about this product that resonates with you.