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Top Sportsmen That Use Isagenix and Why

Isagenix Products

Why These Top Athletes Use Isagenix

Isagenix Products have become a huge hit in the sports industry. Many professional athletes have taken on this new Isagenix lifestyle to help them in their very busy and fitness orientated lives. These products are used for creating a healthy lifestyle, incorporating cleansing and exercise based routines to get the body into shape, losing weight and just becoming generally healthier. Professional sportsmen not only use the Isagenix products themselves but also recommend them to clients and even friends and family. Here are a few famous athletes that use Isagenix and their story of how it has helped them achieve their goals, physics and everyday lifestyles. None of these athletes are endorsed by Isagenix however and use it because they believe it works best for them.

Lori Harder, who achieved Ms Bikini in 2010, has been using Isagenix to keep her bikini body in shape. Before she started using Isagenix, her pre-competition routines were full of cardio, meals, heavy dieting and more cardio. As soon as the competition weeks were finished her cravings would get the better of her on cheat days. After starting with the Isagenix lifestyle, Lori’s performance in her competitions escalated and she even managed to find herself a spot as an Oxygen fitness magazine cover girl. Lori owes these amazing opportunities to Isagenix not only as a product but also as a company that has helped her achieve even bigger dreams than her fitness career.

Next is the 400m run and hurdle Olympian Jana Pittman, who has claimed five world championship titles and four gold medals in the commonwealth games with sheer determination, hard work, and natural talent. Jana urges athletes to try Isagenix products as not only do they taste great but also they keep your body and weight at a healthy balance. The body and mind needs to be at a healthy balance in the life of a professional athlete. Jana is now traveling and giving seminars to young athletes around the world, encouraging and inspiring people to achieve not only in sports but also in life.

Shane Freels, a Natural Bodybuilder who has competed in competitions such as NPC National Bodybuilding Championships and Mr. Natural Olympia, is also a personal trainer and coach. He recommends Isagenix to his clients and teams because of the low calorie intake and the constant balancing of the body as well as the high energy levels it encourages. All these aspects of Isagenix are must haves to be the best and perform the best. After starting on Isagenix products himself, clients noticed a big change in Shane’s physic; he was leaner and had much more energy. This is why he decided to help his clients by recommending they try the products too, as a means of helping with weight loss, energy, and endurance for their sports. Thanks to Isagenix Shane enjoys his work and is really doing well in is endeavors.

All these athletes are really proud to be part of the Isagenix family and are very comfortable recommending that people try these products. To keep balanced and healthy in body and in mind why don’t you make Isagenix part of your daily routine?

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