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The Isagenix Weight-Loss Plan

Isagenix weight-loss plan

The Isagenix weight-loss plan has become very well-known in recent years. Isagenix is a company based in Arizona that sells and produces weight-loss products that remove toxins and fat from your body. All products are made with natural ingredients, high quality and nutritional. This weight-loss plan burns fat, gives you more energy and removes all toxins from your body, therefore improving your overall health.

Why Does the Isagenix Weight-Loss Plan Work Better Than Others?

The Isagenix weight-loss plan considers the whole body in aiding weight loss. However, it doesn’t just focus on losing weight but rather multiple factors that affect well-being. Isagenix offers individual products as well as packages put together to help you reach your goals. Isagenix provides customers with natural products that will have long-lasting benefits. This weight-loss plan allows your body to break down fat that has been stored, clear the body of damaged cells, use healthy proteins that already exist in the body and deter aging. There are also a few sports packages that increase stamina and endurance as well as rejuvenate muscles and strength. These packages are specially designed for athletes and meet their individual needs. Isagenix has a range of gluten-free products too which makes easier to incorporate into different lifestyles.

Types of Weight-Loss Programs Offered by Isagenix

There are two different weight-loss programs offered by Isagenix. The 30-Day System focuses on cleansing and burning fat. Shake days make up the bulk of this program. Cleanse days can be scheduled according to our individual needs. You should have 4 cleanse days per month in order for the program to be successful. There is a 9 Day Deep Cleansing and Fat Burning System too. The first two days and the last two days are cleansing days while the remaining days are shake days.

  • Shake Days

    Shake days involve having two scoops of IsaLean shake with 8 ounces of water for breakfast and dinner. These shakes have 230 calories and 23 grams of protein. Lunch is the only meal that doesn’t involve consuming a shake; however, your meal should only have 400 to 600 calories. The Isagenix weight-loss plan allows for some snacks between meals. Isagenix has its own range of dietary snacks like SlimCakes (a nutritional cookie) and IsaDelight Plus (a dark chocolate square infused with green tea). There are other snacks not produced by Isagenix that can be eaten but you must make sure they are in line with the dietary recommendations of Isagenix. The weight-loss plan suggests a hard-boiled egg, cashews or celery sticks as an alternative. You should alternate between taking a Natural Accelerator capsule (fat burner produced by Isagenix) and an IsaFlush capsule (a laxative produced by Isagenix).

  • Cleanse Days

    Drinks made from either Drink for Life liquid or Cleanse for Life powder mixed with water are to be consumed during cleanse days for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The Isagenix weight-loss plan allows for snacks between meals on these days too. These snacks are the same as the snacks for shake days along with chocolate or vanilla chewable supplements produced by the company. The Natural Accelerator capsule and IsaFlush capsule are still alternated during meals.