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Lose Weight with Isagenix

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Isagenix Weight Loss: Our Company Culture

If you are looking for an effective, healthy and affordable way to lose weight then look no further – Isagenix weight loss plans will get you in shape! We are a wellness company that aims to promote world health in a cost-effective and responsible way by committing to our 12 core values that uphold the Isagenix culture of family, success and integrity.

Company Ethics
All Isagenix products and health plans are aligned with a specific, clearly-established set of values that are available for clients and associates to view. Some of these values include transformation, health, innovation and of course – fun! The purpose of our values is to ensure that our customers are 100% satisfied with the quality and success of our health products and weight loss systems. Our company motto revolves around customer satisfaction because this is what essentially determines the success of the Isagenix family.

What We Offer
Isagenix offers various products and plans that assist with weight loss, physical performance, maintaining energy and vitality, and promoting healthy aging. We have suitable health and fitness solutions for any area in which you are looking to improve your physical wellbeing. With over 50 Isagenix products ranging from health foods to skin care products, Isagenix has something for everyone.

IsaProducts include meal replacements such as shakes and soups that come in a variety of flavours, as well as snacks such as bars and whey thins. We do not compromise on the high quality of the ingredients used in our products, ensuring they are safe and healthy for consumption. The ingredients are obtained from sources that commit to environmental sustainability, making Isagenix products healthy not only for the customer but also not harmful to the planet.

In addition to our health products, Isagenix offers various weight loss and fitness plans. In order to select the plan best suited to you, contact the Independent Isagenix Associate who referred you, or call our Customer Care team.

Weight Loss Programs
The products used in our programs are not only healthy but also taste delicious, making losing weight an easy and enjoyable goal to achieve.

  • 30 Day System™: Targets cleansing and burning fat through a long-term, flexible plan using IsaLean Pro Shake. This shake is high in protein, thus assisting with building muscle and supporting weight loss. The product is packed with natural ingredients such as essential vitamins and minerals which helps you lose weight naturally as opposed to with ingredients such as laxatives or stimulants. For those who prefer to avoid lactose, the 30 Day System™ is also available in a Dairy-Free option using plant-based proteins for the Natural Berry Harvest IsaLean® Shake. Shake days make up the majority of this plan in which two meals will be replaced by the shakes. Cleanse days are flexible and the cleansing schedule can be adjusted according to your specific needs. Some products in this package will be taken daily.
  • 9-Day Deep Cleansing and Fat Burning System™: With an average of 7 pounds lost with this 9-day plan, you are guaranteed to lose weight and clean out bodily impurities in a healthy and safe way. This plans includes various products to assist with your weight loss program. Some products will need to be taken every day for the duration of the plan. Days 1 and 2, and 8 and 9 are cleansing days in which the Cleanse for Life™ product will be used. Shake days are Days 3-7, in which two meals are replaced with the IsaLean® shakes.

Embark on a life-changing journey today with Isagenix to improve energy and fitness, boost weight loss, and become the best, healthiest version of you.