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How to Do an Isagenix Shake Day

Isagenix Weight Loss

Learn the Isagenix Weight Loss Shake Method

On any normal diet it is difficult to ensure that you eating a balanced meal if you are getting the right nutrients for your body, not to mention that it takes a great deal of effort to plan your meals every day. Luckily, we have the perfect solution for you – Isagenix weight loss shakes. Our shakes are the perfect meal alternative, offering you a complete combination of nutrients without consuming extra calories. It will help you get rid of extra pounds and provide you with an easy and flexible program to follow while boosting your confidence day by day. Here is a comprehensive breakdown of what you should be doing on an Isagenix shake day:

First things first
The program involves replacing two conventional meals with an IsaLean shake each per day and one 400-600 calorie low-glycemic meal with two snacks per day.

While taking the Isagenix Shake it’s very important to keep yourself hydrated and drink plenty of water. We recommend half of your weight in ounces of pure water throughout the day. For example, if you weigh 150 pounds, you will need 75oz or 9 glasses of water per day.

What should you do on your shake day?
Some people enjoy a quick and yummy shake for breakfast, a pre-planned and pre-prepared meal for lunch, and then enjoy another shake for dinner. Others prefer to have a hearty and healthy breakfast to start their day and then have a shake for lunch at work and the second shake for dinner. You could even change it up from day to day, it’s completely your choice!

Replace two meals with:

  • A shot of ionix or diluted with purified water
  • After one hour prepare your Isagenix or Pro Isagenix shake:
    – For a cold shake: take one packet or two scoops of powder, 6 to 8 ounces of water and add some ice and blend it for a few seconds.
    – Warm shake or soup: If you would prefer having something warm on a winter day, Isagenix offers you three different options: IsaLean Black Sesame Shake and IsaLean Soup (Butternut Squash or Wild Mushroom). For this whisk 8 ounces of warm water into a bowl or a cup and let it sit for a couple of minutes.
  • Take one Natural Accelerator capsule with each shake.

Snacks: If you get hungry by late morning or around 3pm have a snack, choose from our shake day option:

  • IsaDelight; Isagenix Greens; Isagenix Fruits; Slim Cakes; Whey Thins or Fiber Snack.

Meal: For your non-shake meal of the day, plan a 400-600 calorie low-glycemic option. It’s best to plan it in advance to make things easier.


  • If you exercise during the day try an E+ energy shot before your workout, then take your IsoLean or IsoLean Pro shake within 30 minutes post exercise.
  • We also recommend taking one AM packet of the Ageless Essentials with Product B IsaGenesis per day. It’s a great addition to your daily program.
  • Before bed take one or two IsaFlush capsules to ensure regularity.

For more information about Isagenix products, including our weight loss shakes, give me a call!