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Would Losing Weight with Isagenix Affect the Career of Melissa McCarthy?

With the obesity epidemic in America, celebrating an overweight actress like Melissa McCarthy seems like a natural progression of acceptance, even as companies like Isagenix are working to reverse the obesity trend.  Melissa McCarthy is really funny and a great actress. It’s interesting that, even a few years ago, featuring an obese woman in the entertainment industry would be unheard of. Overweight is definitely a big issue in America, hence the proliferation of companies that sell weight loss products like Isagenix.

So now there is a controversy over the Elle Magazine annual “Women in Hollywood” issue featuring Melissa McCarthy on the cover. She does represent the body size of a very large percentage of the female population in America.  Actually Melissa looks really great in that coat.  My question is, if Melissa were to lose 80 lbs with the Isagenix products, would her career be negatively affected?

Perhaps she would not.  Being overweight is even why she has gotten some of her roles in T.V. and movies.  She is quite talented and very funny.  I remember her in “Bridesmaids”.  However what makes Melissa McCarthy memorable in many minds is that she is so overweight.  Given the option to be 80 lbs thinner, would she take it?  Or remain obese for the sake of her movie roles and adoring audience?

What is interesting is that on the Elle Magazine cover photo of Melissa McCarthy, they actually have her dressed (and perhaps even photoshopped) to look thinner than she really is.  She really just looks average rather than the very overweight woman that she is.  Hmmm are we sending mixed signals to America?  That its OK to be overweight – but wait – maybe its not, so lets photoshop you to be thin.  After all being thin is coveted in America.

As more and more of the population becomes overweight, more and more of our culture with reflect that.  There are already more women’s oversize clothing stores.  I see larger models featured in clothing magazines.  Melissa McCarthy on the cover of Elle is another example.

Oprah Winfrey has se the stage for years that one you can be overweight and still be successful in your career.  But being overweight can affect your self-esteem, which can effect your career.  It takes a strong person to be insecure in one are of their life, as Oprah is about her weight, and still be successful in others.

I give kudos to both of these women for their great career success.  But should they ever want to lose that weight, I hope they will call me and I will put them on Isagenix!

To read about the controversy of the Elle Magazine cover photo with Melissa McCarthy, click here http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-207_162-57608206/elle-responds-to-melissa-mccarthy-cover-controversy/

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