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Marcia Wallace Dies at Age 70 But Did She Take Isagenix?

TV star Marcia Wallace died today, at the young age of 70.

Why do I consider her death at age 70 as “young?  Because I am 51 and it’s doesn’t seem too far away anymore.  Of course I am taking Isagenix so I hope to live well past 100.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Marcia Wallace, one of the voices on The Simpsons and also famous for The Bob Newhart Show in the 1970’s, dies of complications from breast cancer.  Ironically this month, October, is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

On The Bob Newhart Show, Marcia Wallace played the part of his receptionist.  I remember watching reruns of The Bob Newhart Show and even though it was made for adults and I was quite young, I found the show hilarious.  Ah, back when sitcoms were really, really funny.  Marcia Wallace was blessed to be part of T.V. back when it was really good.

Marsha Wallace also was the voice of Bart Simpson’s teacher on The Simpson’s.  According to the article, the show will be retiring her character rather than replacing her.  Perhaps Bart will move on to the fifth grade?  Naw.

Interestingly Marcia Wallace was originally diagnosed with breast cancer in 1985, nearly 30 years ago.   I wonder if she took the Isagenix products, or anything similar?  That is actually a long time to be a breast cancer survivor.

I used to think that 40 was old.  Then I thought 50 was old.  Now even 60 doesn’t seem too old at all.  And 70 now seems definitely mature, but not necessarily old if one takes care of themselves.  Now 80 does seem old to me.  But them again, a few rare exceptions can exist where 80 isn’t too old if one really took care of themselves.  Im 51 but I feel like I’m 20.  I’m sure Marcia Wallace felt about 20 in her mond as well.

Years ago I used to work in a physical rehabilitation center as a nurse.   An elderly patient, older than Marcia Wallace, in her 80’s was telling me about how she still felt like a young adult in her head but her body said otherwise.  She said how we never really grow up.  Funny how I can totally relate to that.  When I was a kid I thought you were all grown up by 18.  Isn’t that hysterical.

Marcia Wallace dying at 70 is just a few years younger than the average lifespan for women in the United States.  I find it sad that I’m already past the halfway mark for the average lifespan. But I take my Isagenix products faithfully, so I’m determined make age 55 my halfway mark!  And I will be a healthy 110!