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To Cleanse, or Not to Cleanse

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There are many, many, different theories and methods about internal bodily cleansing out there, that ultimately can confuse the average person about what’s correct and what is not. At Isagenix, all theories and methods are based on clinical studies that have shown proven results, in order to guarantee sound information to customers. Needless to say, through these studies, we can confirm that cleansing should definitely become a part of everyone’s lifestyle, because the benefits are endless. So, how do you begin and which products do you order from Isagenix to help you on your cleansing quest?

Introducing Cleanse for Life
Isagenix has developed a wide range of products for cleansing and weight loss purposes. In particular, we focus on a product called “Cleanse for Life” which must be used in specific ways to achieve the best cleanse possible for you. A main aspect of the use of the product is the concept of intermittent fasting, which is a concept referring to the abstinence of food and meals for one or two days every week or month.

The Cleanse for Life product is a blend of botanical herbs and other natural compounds aimed at detoxifying the body. Cleansing aids the body in losing stubborn fat and aids the metabolic processes to function efficiently, resulting in a boost of energy levels. It also aims to generally detoxify the body of unwanted toxins to leave you feeling lighter, healthier and more energetic. It will improve your general quality of life as you find yourself feeling more revitalized.

Studies on the Isagenix cleansing products found subjects using the products lost twice the amount of visceral fat and more bodily fat than the average “heart- healthy” diet. The formula of Cleanse for Life thus protects cells and vital organs from aging, encourages healthy weight loss, and boosts both mental and physical performance when used correctly. This great product is available in both liquid concentrate and powder form. You have the choice of having it hot, cold, concentrated or diluted, depending on how you like it. We recommend the Cleanse for Life product to be taken in the following two ways:

1. Daily dosage: Taken as a daily antioxidant and detoxifier. You are recommended to take one to two fluid ounces, or one scoop up to twice daily. This ensures an all-round constant cleanse for your body, although results may take a bit longer to show. Some people have reported better results when they take it before bed!

2. Deep cleansing: This is where intermittent fasting plays a role. Research has found that intermittent fasting initiates a process called “autophagy”, which is a cellular self-cleansing mechanism that greatly aids detoxification by recycling old and dysfunctional cells. When one fasts, the intake of Cleanse for Life ensures that cleansing processes are speeded up and heightened, because the body is only processing the useful ingredients that Cleanse for Life contains. It is recommended that you double the daily serving for the deep cleanse, and spread it four times throughout the day. It is also recommended that you abstain from normal meals on these days, and for you to replace your normal means on deep cleanse days with between 2-6 Isagenix snacks, other Cleanse Day support products, Isagenix coffee and Chai, and lots of water. The combination of fasting and Cleansing products such as the Cleanse for Life product ensures that you achieve the best cleansing experience possible, leaving you feeling replenished, cleansed and energized!

The benefits of cleansing are countless, and should become a part of everyone’s lifestyle. Visit Isagenix online today to see the full range of cleansing products available, and for advice on how to ease into a cleanse depending on your current lifestyle. There is a wide range of meal replacements and alternatives available to help aid you cleanse as well. Take the bold step and order Isagenix today!