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Order your Isagenix Pack to Amp Up Your Exercise Routine

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Order Isagenix to Boost Your Exercise Regime

Protein shakes have become a trend in the fitness world but how good are they and which product should you take? There are many benefits of drinking protein shakes and loads of reasons why using them helps you to achieve better results at the gym. Let’s get to know more by taking a closer look at some popular questions people always ask about exercise and protein shakes.

Question 1: Why is the intake of protein so important to amp your exercise routine?
Proteins help with the production of muscles. Although whole foods are still the best way to get all the vital nutrients we need for our body, it is not always possible to prepare a meal with solid food that covers all the proteins we need within the rushed lifestyles we lead.

Proteins also create cellular messengers, immune-system components, hormones, nucleic acids, and enzymes. The intake of protein helps with the production of every tissue, organ, and cell, aiding cardiovascular function, growth, healing, and muscle contraction. For all of these reasons it is vital to take proteins when we exercise so that our muscles can heal sooner, thus avoiding any possible injuries.

Question 2: Which is the best protein shake to take?
Isagenix is highly recommended because it’s full of nutrients that feed your body, kick starting your day full of energy to make sure you perform at your highest level. It is also an easy-to-use system as Isagenix can be used to replace a meal, or can be added to your regular meal when you want to increase your weight.

After a hard workout it is beneficial to take Isagenix to help your body recover, gain muscle, strengthen and grow, and heal small tears due to intense contraction of muscle during exercise. Many people have even reported experiencing easier and quicker digestion when consuming a shake rather than a whole food meal after a workout. The reason for this is that a whole food meal takes far more time and energy to digest, break down, and feed the muscles than a protein shake does. With the Isagenix products it only takes about 30 minutes to ultimately get to your muscles.

Question 3: When should I take my protein shake?
This is a very common question with many possible answers. You can take your shake at:

  • Breakfast: the most important meal of the day as your body awaits nutrition after sleeping.
  • Straight after exercise: as we mentioned before this is the best time for your muscles to heal and grow.
  • Every 3 or 4 hours after workout: this is ideal to give your muscles continuous supply of protein to recover.
  • Before going to bed: you can take a slow burning protein shake delivering proteins to your muscles while you sleep.

Having the right nutritional program is key when it comes to improving your body structure. You will also enjoy the cleansing and anti-aging benefits Isagenix has to offer.

Which Isagenix athletic performance pack should I order?

  • Energy and Performance system: is ideal for active individuals who want to increase their performance, get lean, and build muscles. Take it to the next level with this pack, which will also help you in the recovery process.
  • 30-day Cleansing and Fat-burning with IsaLean Pro: this is your chance to stay focused and lose all your extra pounds. Build lean muscles with wonderful results. It’s the perfect meal replacement filled with nutrients and proteins. It boosts your metabolism, stimulates muscle recovery and growth in athletes, and helps with muscle retention and tone.
  • Athlete´s Pak: want to get the best out of your workouts and raise your energy levels? Then this is the pak that you are looking for.

If all of this information is still a little overwhelming, don’t panic. Rather give me, Juli Anna California, a call and together we will make sure that you get the right Isagenix program for your unique needs.