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Ponzi Scheme with former Miami Dolphin Will Allen Alleged

Isagenix call 954-608-9923.  A $32 million Ponzi scheme has been uncovered and behind it is a former Miami Dolphin football player, Will Allen.  Will Allen was a cornerback for the Miami Dolphins in the early 2000’s.

The premise behind the Ponzi scheme was that the money investors contributed would be loaned to former professional athletes at high interest rates.  It is well known that many men who made good money as professional athletes often fall on hard financial times after their careers end due to inability to manage their money, bad investments etc.  Often investors with money are attracted to lending to former professional athletes since many of them love sports.

Many people do not know what a Ponzi Scheme is.   A Ponzi scheme is a fraudulent investment operation where an individual or organization, pays “profits” or “investment returns” to its investors from new investment capital paid by new investors coming in, instead of from profit earned by the so-called “investments”. Operators of Ponzi schemes usually offer higher returns than other investments, seducing investors into putting in money.

Many people wrongly confuse legitimate Network Marketing as a Ponzi Scheme, when nothing could be further from the truth.  With a legitimate Network Marketing company, you don’t “invest” anything, you purchase a product or service.  For example if you purchase $200 worth of a product, and you receive the product you ordered, there is no “scheme”, this is simply a sale, like any retail or wholesale establishment.

In legitimate Network Marketing, individual Franchisees spread the word and educate people about their product or service.  These Franchisees can also teach others how to be a Franchisee and the Parent Company will pay them a “sales reward” as a percentage of the success of the Franchisee they trained.  Its a brilliant business model!  Isagenix is an example of a legitimate Network Marketing company.  There is no “investment”, the company is all about selling high quality products that enhance people’s lives.  If you pay Isagenix $200, you will receive the $200 worth of products you ordered.  All Isagenix products have a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Former Miami Dolphin foot ball player Will Allen allegedly was not selling a product or service.  People were investing large amounts of money with a promise of a return on their investment from lending the money to former athletes at high interest rates, when in fact no legitimate return was being realized.  Allegedly they collected much more money than was actually loaned to athletes, when all the while the investors thought they were earning real loan interest.  This is a Ponzi scheme.  Calls to Mr. Allen’s attorney were not returned.


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