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Pro Golfer Bhavik Patel Credits Isagenix

Isagenix Bhavik Patel golferFor just 23 years old, Pro Golfer and Isagenix advocate Bhavik Patel has proven himself quite the accomplished golfer.  These days he credits Isagenix and their phenomenal nutritional products with helping him to have the most nutritious diet possible.  Bhavik discovered Isagenix just this past summer and has since not only incorporated a number of the Isagenix products into his personal diet but has turned several other professional golfers onto the Isagenix products as well.

Since leaving FresnoStateUniversity to pursue golf full time, Bhavik is now touring the globe with the Web.com golf tour.  To make sure he has his Isagenix products at all times, he has his Isagenix products shipped to locations ahead of time.   Bhavik is so dedicated to the Isagenix products that he even has the Isagenix logo on his golf bag.

Bhavik not only loves the nutritional aspect of the Isagenix products but also the convenience.  Since his profession requires him to travel a lot, often only be able to access burgers and fries for food, he loves that he can open a packet of IsaLean shake or simply have an IsaLean bar for quick, convenient, nutritious fuel.

Bhavik Patel is so busy with his golf profession that he has not yet begun to pursue the Isagenix business.  But that has not stopped him from sharing the products with other professionals on the tour.  He has also attended an Isagenix IsaU.

Isagenix E+ Shots are one of his favorite products for quick energy.  He loves how they make him feel and how convenient they are in the one-shot bottles.

Bhavik Patel is working on eligibility for the PGA tour.  At his skill level in relation to his young are, there is no doubt he will be part of the PGA tour soon.  With the Isageni  logo on his golf bag, even more people will be hearing about the power of these amazing products.

If you would like to learn more about Isagenix, both the products and the business, visit www.CleanseAndWeightLoss.com , click on “Videos” for massive amounts of information and “Products” for product prices and descriptions.  Investigate what Isagenix has to offer you and your loved ones.  Please contact Juli Anna California directly at 954-608-9923 in Florida, United States.   Juli Anna is a fulltime Isagenix Associate and is committed to helping you reach your health and financial goals.


For more information on Isagenix, the products or the business, contact Juli Anna California at 954-608-9923.  To read more about Pro Golfer Bhavik Patel , visit his PGA page at http://www.pgatour.com/players/player.36446.bhavik-patel.html