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South Florida Construction Upswing and Isagenix

South Florida construction and Isagenix

Isagenix may just be starting in Broward County, Florida, but construction has always been big industry in South Florida.  Construction hat a bad spot during the latest recession.  But its heating up again.  While out networking in downtown Fort Lauderdale for Isagenix, I have noticed a lot of construction equipment.  The evidence is there.

High rises are big business here in South Florida.  According to Ina Paiva Cordle who writes about South Florida and BrowardCounty business, new jobs are being created.  DadeCounty is also experiencing a surge in construction.  I have been to Miami recently for an Isagenix event and there is certainly a lot of road construction going on.

Broward County added 4,400 building-related jobs in 2013.  As more and more people move to Florida, that means there are more and more people needing Isagenix.

Unfortunately the overall unemployment rate in BrowardCounty and DadeCounty is up since the season is winding to a close.  This is due to snowbirds heading back up north.  Perhaps some of these people losing their season jobs should look at Isagenix as a supplement income.  And their Isagenix business can grow into a fulltime income if they put the work into it.

Coral Springs, the city in which I live here in Florida, is pretty built up already, as is Tamarac.  But there is new construction going on in Coconut Creek.  One thing I have seen in Coconut Creek is a new hotel.  There are lots of hotels out by the beach in Fort   Lauderdale, but there aren’t that many here in the west part of Broward county.

South Florida is still a magnet for people seeking retirement in the sun.  Many of these people can afford anti-aging products and will be happy to spend money on a product that works.  If you are one of these, you should try Product B.  This way you can look as good as you can here in South Florida.

To read more information about Isagenix, go to http://www.cleanseandweightloss.com/why-isagenix/ .

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