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The Sugar Conspiracy

Isagenix weight loss

Sugar-Free Isagenix Weight Loss

Over the past few years, sugar has become all the more popular a topic among health interested people and the medical world. The Isagenix weight loss program is a program very much suited to the low sugar dietary advice given by many doctors today, because of its zero sugar content. The ‘low fat’ revolution has now changed into the low or no sugar revolution, and in many countries the sugar tax has been implemented to try and educate people about the sugar they take in.

The Hidden Truth
Large amounts of your daily intake of sugar are consumed unaware. This is because almost all processed foods contain large amounts of fructose often in the form of corn syrup. Other foods that contain processed forms of wheat, like white bread, pasta and cakes can also be harmful in the same way as sugar. This is because the carbohydrates in the wheat grain are quickly transformed into sugars upon entry into the body. Carbohydrates found in whole grain products are thus healthier because of their slow release of energy.

The Isagenix Answer
The Isagenix weight loss program has carefully designed their products to contain only the best ingredients to ensure complete meal replacement with options to be dairy free and kosher. Offering a wide range of meal replacements and extras such as snacks, work out shots, anti-aging solutions and skincare. These meal replacements come in shake formula, as well as healthy soup alternatives. Isagenix has taken great care in creating a successful weight loss formula for the masses, by making sure most of their products are gluten free or alternatively contain low GI (slow release) forms of carbohydrates such as oats. Fiber is also an important part of Isagenix ideology. Keeping your bodies’ digestive system healthy is as important as what it is you consume. Oats are a great source of fiber that are gluten free, and thus make for a perfect ingredient for this weight loss program.

Responsible Sugar Reduction
Isagenix is one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to start off your healthy eating future. Keeping the sugar, you consume to a minimum has shown to reduce the chances of heart related diseases. Cut down on processed foods and anything that contains corn syrup and high doses of sucrose, fructose and even maltose to lay the foundations of a healthy heart diet. Losing weight is a whole lot easier once you know what is in the food you are eating and the food you are not eating motivating you to put only good things into your body.

Cutting sugar from your daily diet is not a quick process because of two simple reasons; there is most likely hidden sugar in almost all the processed foods you buy in the supermarket and, sugar is addictive. It makes you feel hungrier, thus possibly resulting in picking up too much weight.

To add to your weight loss program there are many small extra things you can do such as regular exercise, eating fresh fruit and vegetables and drinking enough water. These things make losing weight healthier, easier and happen at a more gradual pace.