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Isagenix call 954-608-9923. The Number One New Years Resolution every single year is “I’m going to lose weight”. Is this you? Again? Really? I suppose you are going to use the same “method” you failed at last year – “eat healthy and exercise”. This is a new, highly toxic world. Its not so simple anymore. […]

For Isagenix call 954-608-9923. Hurricane Season 2015 officially kicks off today!  A great way to prepare for Hurricane Season is to have plenty of food stored so when the Big One hits, you won’t go hungry and you won’t have to wait for FEMA to come and give you food. What you will need is […]

For Isagenix call 954-608-9923.  The Forbes’ World’s Billionaires 2015 was released today. South Florida is home to 28 of these Billionaires.  Seven live in Miami, Miami-Dade county.  Three live in Broward county.  Eighteen live in Palm Beach county, Im presuming mostly on the island of Palm Beach.  #ForbesBillionaires The top of the list for South […]

Isagenix call 954-608-9923.  #BrianFlynn   The Montreal Canadiens just acquired Brian Flynn from the Buffalo Sabres. Brian is a forward.   Brian is just 26 years old and started playing in 2012.  He attended the University of Maine. He shoots right handed.   It is not known if he uses Isagenix. It is not known what nutritional products […]

Isagenix products, call 954-608-9923. South Florida.  What a great place.  Big and exciting yet not so crowded that you cant navigate with your own vehicle.  Yet being the party town that South Florida is, there are times a taxi is a great choice for transportation. A new “taxi” service called Uber has been in the […]

Once you become a believer in the Isagenix products, the next step is to become an Isagenix distributor. This move will not only be good for your career, but also for your pocket book, as the Isagenix health and wellness company has a great compensation plan that is sure to make you smile. When you […]

There are not many things in this world that can transform your life like Isagenix. The product line not only helps you lose weight, but also offers lifestyle solutions that will help you in all areas of your life. Once you try our products, you will be so convinced of the company’s worth and substance, […]

If you have always wanted to be your own boss, and are interested in helping people become thinner, healthier versions of themselves, then the Isagenix business is for you. We will give you the freedom to work for yourself and the gift of being able to transform people’s lives for the better. The Isagenix business […]

When you want to finally make weight loss simple for yourself, then it is time to order Isagenix. We know that it is hard to decipher between the weight loss products and plans that will work for you, and those that will just lead you further down a depressing path. When you order Isagenix, you […]

With the obesity epidemic in America, celebrating an overweight actress like Melissa McCarthy seems like a natural progression of acceptance, even as companies like Isagenix are working to reverse the obesity trend.  Melissa McCarthy is really funny and a great actress. It’s interesting that, even a few years ago, featuring an obese woman in the […]