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Tone up for summer with Isagenix health

Isagenix Health

During and after weight loss, it is important to tone your body and keep looking lean and healthy. “Toning up” in exercise can be a vague concept, and we often imagine these muscular unreachable gods and goddesses in the gym showing us mere mortals a thing or two about exercise. But this doesn’t have to be the case if you know what to do and have the help that you need.

Weight loss is not merely an event that occurs once, never to be seen again. Eating healthy, exercising and losing weight is a lifestyle that must be maintained, cultivated, balanced and constantly improved and tweaked.  Isagenix not only offers nutritional products for consumption to help you obtain and maintain a more healthy body and lifestyle, it also offers great assistance with regards to being active and how to achieve and maintain a toned physique during and after weight loss.


  1. Only concentrating on the areas that you think is a problem won’t achieve the best results in the long run, and sticking to just a few workout techniques will bore you. What is best is to add variety to your sessions, break out of your comfort zones and spice up your exercising. When we constantly change our exercise routines we are challenging our bodies, whereby the muscles get stimulated, then relaxed, (giving it time to build, recover and take shape) then get worked again, and so forth. Every area of our bodies need exercise, not merely the areas we think need improvements. It is easy to get bored or demotivated when you only stick to a few familiar exercise routines, which is why it is so important to make sure you constantly change what you are doing. Dr. Paul Arciero has devised the PRISE Protocol for exercising, which entails four different types of workouts, each done one day a week. This ensures balance in weight reduction, muscle build and increase in energy.
  2. Intermittent Fasting or IF has become increasingly validated through research. These are breaks you take from eating by simply cleansing your body of toxins. You can drink water, eat only vegetables, and incorporate the Isagenix cleansing products on these days. When you actually make use of your IF and prioritise your cleansing days, you can derive many benefits from exercising. By not getting any food on your IF days, your body will reserve your muscle mass, but use up your fat content – this means that you will be losing weight but won’t have to worry about a decrease in muscle mass. This in turn makes for a leaner and more toned body, which helps you in your pursuit of a more healthier and attractive you.
  3. You can achieve better weight loss by manipulating your food intake, specifically what is known as protein pacing. Dr. Arciero, the developer of the PRISE Protocol, has researched this method using Isagenix products. This method entails consuming high quality proteins at certain intervals of the day, in six small meals, keeping consumption between 20 to 30 grams of protein per day. This strategy can be achieved by IsaLean PRO Shake, IsaLean Shake, and IsaLean Bars, whereby you can maximise muscle maintenance when trying to lose weight, and muscle build while exercising.

Thus, exercising with a variety of workouts and using Isagenix products in your plan will help you to effectively maintain your weight loss goals. Intermittent Fasting is key, and six small portions of high quality protein, contained in the Isagenix products, will help you achieve Isagenix Health.