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VH1 introduces SexyCrazyCool I’m business selling Isagenix but I’ll watch anyway

VH1 has introduced a new show called SexyCrazyCool about a group called TLC. SexyCrazyCool is set in the 90’s, a decade I really don’t remember too much because I was strapped down with babies.  So VH1 has made it possible for me to see what I really missed with about TLC with SexyCrazyCool. Although nowadays I eat/sleep/breathe Isagenix so somehow I will have to fit this fluff in.

SexyCrazy cool is a biopoic, very fast-moving.  Its about the three women who mad eup the band TLC.  Apparently they three actresses playing the parts look amazingly like the original band members. This would be good since the show uses a lot of old video footage of the real band members intertwined with the new filing with the actresses.

These celebrities had names such as T-Boz, Chilli and Left Eye.  I have no idea who these people are but Im sure SexyCrazyCool will fill me in. If you have never heard of TLC before either, then you are not alone.  Its not like I’m totally ignorant to pop culture, and I was still pretty young in the 90’s.  I guess I was too busy watching Barney and Teletubbies to tune in.

The show SexyCrazyCool has a lot of music in it.  Again, other than the Itsy Bitsy Spider and a few similar songs I don’t remember much 90’s music either.  Apparently TLC sold 65 million records.

They even play up the clown-like clothes of TLC in SexyCrazyCool.  The show however seems to be more about music, at least according to what I’m reading in Slate. There is lots of old footage from videos, and fortunately a lot of footage from them just playing around between actual scenes.  I love that kind of stuff.

TLC came into existence in 1990 and lasted until 2002, when one of the women died in a car crash in Honduras.  The show looks entertaining enough and pays tribute to these women that I somehow missed in the diaper-filled-1990’s.  Perhaps this is a good show for me to tune into just to fill in some of the memory gaps of that decade.

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