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FRLA South Florida Tourism up More Isagenix Needed

FRLA RevPAR South Florida Isagenix Broward

Isagenix may be in nine countries but I am building in South Florida.  South Florida, specifically Broward, Palm   Beach and Miami-Dade counties, are some of the highest tourist areas in the country.  In fact according to RevPAR statistics, Florida leads the nation in tourism.  RevPAR stands for “Revenue per Available Room”.   If you have not visited Florida, you should plan a trip now.  You can get Isagenix in Florida as well.

In fact according to FRLA, the Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association, tourism revenue is up 5.4 percent in the U.S. from 2013 to 2012 and Florida is at the top of the list of states.  FRLA is proposing another $100 million this year in tourism and hospitality funding to keep this trend going.  FRLA CEO Carol Dover said in a news release, according to Bloomberg in Miami, that there is a direct correlation between marketing dollars and “heads in beds and butts in seats”, referring to lodging and restaurant businesses.  These Smith Travel statistics show an upward trend in Florida tourism.

Of course who would not want to come to Florida?   Our main attraction is our weather, which is what prompted me to leave Colorado and move to South Florida is 1984.  The beaches and nightlife are huge attractors as well.  Right now, if you go to the Fort Lauderdale strip in BrowardCounty, you will see the beaches packed with college students.   Then of course the theme parks like Walt Disney World, Universal Studios and Seaworld in Orlando are huge attractions for families.  This time of year, Spring Break, I won’t go to the theme parks due to the crowds.

If you want to get that beach body before heading to South Florida, you can lose weight with Isagenix.  You can call Juli Anna California in Coral Springs, BrowardCounty, and she will order you Isagenix right away so you can get started.

You can visit the FRLA website to learn more at http://www.frla.org/industry-marketplace/professional-services-employee/magazine .  Since tourism is the biggest single industry in South Florida and Central Florida, these organizations are significant.  Looking good on the beach is important to many people so order your Isagenix right away.

If you already have a business in Florida and want help with marketing your business to tourists, the FRLA site advertises marketing companies that can help you.

While you are planning your South Florida vacation, you can visit http://www.visitflorida.com to get more information.  And you should already have your Isagenix order on the way so you can look your best while vacationing on the beautiful beaches of Fort Lauderdale in Broward County.  You can contact Juli Anna California at 954-608-9923 or email her at me@juli.org .  Go to https://www.cleanseandweightloss.com/why-isagenix/ to learn why Isagenix is the best way to lose weight so you can look amazing on the beach.