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Isagenix in Jet Blue out in West Palm Beach Florida

Sometimes for Isagenix I need to travel to another location to support my team.  Jet Blue has been a great airline in my experience.  Jet Blue announced today that it is cancelling its service from West Palm Beach to San Juan, Puerto Rico.   This is so that Jet Blue can use personnel, equipment and resources to fly to RonaldReaganWashingtonInternationalAirport instead.

Fortunately this announcement does not affect my Isagenix business.  When I fly it is usually out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida here in BrowardCounty.  I drive about 30 minutes from my home in Coral Springs, Florida to the airport (FLL) in Hollywood, Florida.

Jet Blue Airlines was founded it 1998 by David Neeleman.  Its main hub is JohnF.KennedyInternationalAirport in New York.  They currently fly to 24 states and 12 countries.  Isagenix is currently in nine countries. What I liked about Jet Blue in particular was the free T.V. offered during the flight.  Jet blue has been so successful that they were one of the few airlines to continue to make a profit at the time of the 2001 terrorist attacks.  You can learna lot more about Jet Blue airlines at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/JetBlue .

On the note of airlines I like, I do not recommend Spirit Airlines.   When booking a flight it may appear that Spirit has the lowest rates, but after you add up all the “extra” costs, it isn’t so cheap.  They even charge for a carry-on and a boarding pass.  Im surprised they don’t charge for the restrooms.   I have never known one single person who has flown Spirit and not complained.   I will never fly Spirit to any Isagenix events.

My favorite airline is Virgin America.  I have flow them many times to Los Angeles and been very happy.  Jet Blue also flies to Los Angeles but so far the schedule hasn’t worked for me.   Perhaps I will fly Virgin America again this summer when I go to San Diego for the Isagenix Celebration.

My friend Sue has been a flight attendant for Jet Blue out of Fort Lauderdale for several years and really likes her job.  Sue also uses Isagenix and has shared it with other flight attendant friends of hers.

There are a few other routes that will be ending as well.  But for my Isagenix business I will just fly another airline if these routes are necessary.  These routes are Austin, Texas and San Francisco, California.  Also WashingtonDullesInternationalAirport and Oakland, California as well as Long Beach, California.  There will also be a cut of the flight between FortMyer’s SouthwestFloridaInternationalAirport and BuffaloNiagaraInternationalAirport.

Looks like those of us in South Florida, BrowardCounty will not be affected too much.   This is where I am concentrating my efforts on building Isagenix.  If you have questions about Isagenix, you can email or call or text Juli Anna California in Coral Springs, Florida at 954-608-9923 or me@juli.org and you can read my network marketing story and why I chose isagenix at https://www.cleanseandweightloss.com/why-isagenix/ .